Episode 45: Everything You’ve Taken

The fourth great hiatus has begun and life continues in the Sherlock Fandom. In this third anniversary episode, we bring in more fans to discuss the special in roundtables on the victorian setting, on the visual aspects of the episode, and on the results of our setlock-fueled speculations. We also report back from a scion meeting, discuss a fic bridging Sherlock past and present, and share a mix of recs Victorian and the first rush of post-TAB art and meta.


The Abominable Watch-along Video

Consulting fans Caroline, Chelsea, and finnagain filmed our way through an early rewatch of the Sherlock Special: The Abominable bride. We cackled and commented and questioned and cringed, sometimes all at once. If you are looking for some fandom-saturated company for a rewatch, click through and enjoy!


Episode 44a: The Abominable Watch-Along

Want some company on a re-watch? Join consulting fans Caroline, Chelsea, and Finnagain as they comment, question, cackle, and cringe their way through the Sherlock Special, sometimes all at once. Also available in video!