Episode 92A: Sherlock and Morality–Extended Cut

BBC Sherlock features big moral themes: righting wrongs, a great man becoming a good man. In this Extended Cut of the segment in Episode 92: Saint or Sinners, Johnlocked, Drinkingcocao, and Finnagain go further into the ideologies of the characters, the morals articulated in narrative arches, and the values emphasized by recurring themes of show.

Episode 92: Saint or Sinner

Are we saints or sinners? Maybe a bit of both! In our May episode, we talk about 221B Con, Füd Trüks, and the ultimate good-versus-evil dualities.

Marry Him, Murder Him

With “Marry him, murder him, do what you like with him” Arthur Conan Doyle gave blanket permission for us to do what we like with Sherlock Holmes! This shirt features art created by Fox Estacado, and all profits from online sales will be donated to Three Patch Podcast! However, this […]