Episode 56A: Fandom & Sexuality Survey Report – Extended Cut

In which we share the extended cut of finnagain, Smirk, and SundayDuck’s discussion of the Fandom and Sexuality Survey, moving from what the responses say about our fandom to how we can relate to characters in the heat of the moment and the insights we take from the sexually explicit fanworks we consume.

Three Patch Podcast episode 56 - Shrug Emoji

Episode 56: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In which we try to survive the final month of hiatus with Benedict Cumberbatch, Sheriarty, some panels from Sherlock Seattle, a chat with Carnation Books, and more.

Spoilercast 39: Theorizing Before All the Evidence

We sat down to really commit to our own capital mistake: #setlock theorizing. Consulting fans old and new join us for an enormous review of all the filming block information we have, post-Sherlocked.