TPP Presents Spoilercast, Episode 1


In this special edition of the podcast, Shannon, Emma, and Dixie discuss the latest spoilers from the past week’s filming of Series 3 of Sherlock. If you do not want to be spoiled,  please don’t listen!  Also note that the regular episode of the podcast will remain spoiler-free.

Art by Fox Estacado

Spoilers below!

Episode 1: The One with the Mustache

Consulting Fans Emma, Dixie, Shannon discuss the following spoilers from this past week of filming:

1. “The Empty Hearse” – [[1]] Who was supposed to be in the hearse? Sherlock or John?

2. The casting of Amanda Abbington. [[2]]

3. Sherlock and Mary riding a motorcycle together to the bonfire. How do they know each other? [[3]], [[4]]

4. John being in the bonfire. WTF? Why? Does Sherlock jump in to rescue him? [[5]]

5. John having a pornstache mustache. [[6]]

6. John and Mary: married or not?

7. The Fight, including a head butt! So does this mean Slug or Hug is answered? [[7]]

8. Mark Gatiss, troll extraordinaire:
– Tantalizing photo tweeted at the end of the first week [[8]]
– Tweet about having written a conversation between two men in a pub that made him very happy — John and Sherlock making up at last? [[9]]

9. The bathtub picture that was tweeted and deleted [[10]]

10. Lots of pics of Rupert Graves (buzz cut!) and Jonathon Aris (beard!) on set [[11]], [[12]], [[13]], along with this tantalizing bit about Anderson saying he “believes in Sherlock Holmes.” [[14]], [[15]]

11. Rumor: Vinette Robinson returning as Sally Donovan or not?

12. Tweet from Steve Lawes about being halfway through shooting episode 1 [[16]]

Other links of interest for the show notes:

  • Cast of Series 3 [[17]]
  • Ruther2’s storify post [[18]]
  • Dudeufugly’s setlock tag [[19]]
  • The Geekiary [[20]]
  • This week’s videos (Dudeufugly) [[21]]
  • Twist and Diffuse (enerJax) [[22]]
  • KrisKenshin’s Theory of that neck photo [[23]]


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