Spoilercast 2: Tricks, Trolls, and Treats


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Emma, Rachael, and Geny

In this episode: Special guest Geny (aka Dudeufugly on Tumblr) helps us discuss the past week’s top ten spoilers for Sherlock series 3. Listen as we spoil Rachael LIVE!

Art by Fox Estacado


This Week’s Top Ten:

1. We start with a discussion of all the April 1 shenanigans, including the “Sherleaked” video (aka Operation Sigerson) [1] [2], the fake tweet from Mark Gatiss [3], and the fake Llewellyn Sunday Mail quote [4], [5] [6]

2. There’s been some discussion about whether or not Amanda is actually playing Mary. Some other possibilities (Serena Townsend [7], Moran [8], and Harry Watson [9]) have been raised and the speculation (more or less) continues.

3. Pictures of the 221B set were tweeted and deleted [10] [11]. Will the flat appear in the first episode, and who do we think will be living there? And what’s in all those boxes?

4. Set picture of Molly with Sherlock and Lestrade at a crime scene [12] along with a video [13] and speculation about what Lestrade said [14]. What does it all mean?

5. Apparently a Diogenes Club scene was filmed this week [15]. Will we get a glimpse of Mycroft and Greg together onscreen at last?

6. Some speculation about the order of scenes filmed so far, and what that might tell us about the plot of episode 1.

7. The “leaked” casting list for minor characters and what this might tell us about episode 1. [16] [17] [18]

8. Updates on previous spoilers: mustache update [19] and the headbutt confirmed [20] [21] [22]

9. Photo of Rupert, Loo, Amanda, and Una sitting on the sofa in 221B [23]. We discuss what it might mean.

10. Stephen Thompson is writing episode 2, meaning Moffat will likely write episode 3 [24]. We speculate about that series 3 cliffhanger from hell that he promised us [25].
Other links of interest:

Geny’s daily spoiler roundup posts [26]

The #setlock tag on Tumblr [27]

Geny’s April Fool’s setlock ficlet: [28]



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