Spoilercast 4: Ruses and Red Herrings


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Dixie, Emma, and Geny

In this episode: We report from 221B Con in Atlanta (2013) and discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3. (Apr 21, 2013)

Art by Fox Estacado


Spoiler Report from 221b Con [1], [2], #221bcon tag on Tumblr: [3],

This Week’s Top Ten Nine:

1. Derren Brown: real part of the story [4] or trolling the fans? [5] Who the heck is this guy? [6] And just how suggestible is Martin Freeman? [7]

2. Mycroft/Moriarty handshake: real, dream sequence, flashback? (links to video [8])

3. Moriarty in Sherlock’s coat: real, dream sequence, or…? (Geny’s roundup with pictures [9])

4. Sniper: Was he really John’s sniper? Where was he? [10]

5. Molly in the window at Barts. (Photo in the middle of this post among much theorizing [11])

6. The number of people who appeared to be helping Sherlock seems to continue to grow. Emma thinks this will result in massive ANGST.

7. Some favorite theories about how he did it: [12], [13]

8. Next episode filming in Bristol College Gouldney Hall [14] — so will this be the “wedding” of “rat, wedding, bow”? But WHOSE wedding? [15]

9. AND one we forgot to discuss: Arwel’s ominous tweet about what lies ahead. [16]


Other links of interest:

Geny’s daily spoiler roundup posts [17]

The #setlock tag on Tumblr [18]

Fucking awesome #setlock appreciation post [19]

Handy pie chart showing what the #setlock tag actually consists of [20]

Which series 3 wishes are going to come true? [21]

An interesting series of posts from Ruther2 trying to deduce what will be filmed next [22]



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7 thoughts on “Spoilercast 4: Ruses and Red Herrings

  • Jean

    Loving the podcast! I don’t have time to trawl setlock, so I really appreciate your contribution to more efficient spoilerage. Just a small observation–Mark Gatiss appeared on Episode 1, series 1 of Derren Brown’s show Trick or Treat. The episode is available in YouTube. So it looks like Derren is friendly with a number of folks involved in Sherlock, and I bet he’d be willing to help them with a bit of fan misdirection. I’ve also seen a nice theory around that the scene with Derrren is a product of John’s imagination after he knows Sherlock is alive, but before he knows how he survived the fall. Might it be part of a montage wherein John feverishly imagines more and more outlandish explanations for Sherlock’s reappearance (I was hypnotized by celebrity mind-bender, Derren Brown! Sherlock flew with an umbrella like Mary Poppins!) That could explain a number of the stranger shoots at Bart’s, and it could be really funny to boot. Keep up the good work!

  • Buff

    Great podcast, guys! I have especially appreciated how careful you are to let out spoilers incrementally so it’s possible to listen to the podcast for minor spoilers while avoiding major ones.

    Heads up, though: spoilercast 4 won’t upload via iTunes for me (very disappointing, I was looking forward to it). “The file might be corrupted, or a file type that iTunes cannot play,” it says.

    • NECumberbitch

      Same here! My iTunes is sometimes recalcitrant, though, so I was wondering if anybody else had the same issue??

      • admin Post author

        Thanks for letting us know! We think we’ve now figured out the problem, and hopefully everything is working again. At the moment, playing and downloading from the website should work just fine. It may take a day before we know if iTunes is working or not.

    • admin Post author

      Thanks for letting us know! We think we’ve now figured out the problem, and hopefully everything is working again. It may take a day or so for iTunes to catch up, but playing and downloading from the website should work just fine. 🙂

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