Spoilercast 7: Wannabe Spoiled?


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Emma, Geny, and Dixie

In this episode: We discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3, make wild speculations, and squee excessively about Benedict Cumberbatch.

Art by Fox Estacado


This Week’s Top Ten :

1. Filming at 4 bars 1) Wharf Pub[1] 2) Kitty Flynn [2] 3) Soda [3] 4) Kapu [4] <– described as third bar because it was the third bar on that day, fourth all together –> suggesting Stag Night (John is not wearing a ring)

2. Video from set [5] Sherlock explains something, John is angry. What’s going on here?

3. Filming at police station. Does this mean we’re getting more Lestrade action? [6]

4. Filming at (in script) gay bar and “extras were selected and styled to be gay” [7] –> Spice Girls “Wannabe” was played loudly (is that the “Staying Alive” of Series 3?)

5. BC reading end of script [8] – bar scenes the last one for E2? (not as in last filmed, but will E2 end there?)

6. Guess who’s back [9]!!! Is this another dream sequence? Does Moriarty have an identical twin? Or is this just excellent trolling? [10] Seen filming in costume with Lestrade.

7. Welcome back Sally? Vinette Robinson sighted on set with Rupert Graves [11]

8. Possible filming at a bank/bank robbery [12] – References to canon here?

9. 40 page monologue for Sherlock “As we’re already late, Benedict tries to map out a schedule. He’s due on set in Bristol at 7.30am tomorrow, for the third series of Sherlock. At pains not to give away any plot, but keen to show what his workload is like, he picks up the script and flicks through it. “This scene is 40 pages long. It’s a 40-page-long deduction,” he says. “Basically a monologue. And I have to learn it before I go to bed.”” [13] What could he possibly be deducing? This has happened already. Which episode? Which scene?

10. Ridiculous amount of Benedict squee (from all the Star Trek promotion he’s been doing – no STID spoilers!)

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