Spoilercast 9: Laterz


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Emma, Geny, and Dixie

In this episode: We discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3.

NOTE: Since the cast and crew are going on hiatus for a couple of months, so are we – unless some new spoilers come along, of course!

Art by Fox Estacado


Before we get to the spoilers

  • When is the next Spoilercast?
  • What to do in the meantime – look for Episode 6, the Queer Episode of Three Patch at the beginning of June. Moving to 2 episodes a month.
  • Email about bridesmaids in the UK.
  • Love from a spoiled member of the “Cumbercollective” in Nebraska

This Week’s Top Ten :

1. Done with episode 2. Steve Lawes left crew 2 days before filming wrapped [1]. Filming continued for 2 more days- finishing on the 23rd of May. [2] [3] “later this summer” return is promised

2. St. James’ Park video [4]
– Why a park? (just out for a walk or not living together anymore? Why not have this talk in 221B?)
– What could be the topic? (moving out? getting married? not forgiving?)

3. Cab scene – video [5][6] [7]
– John in same clothes as in park
– Same clothes as from “Tube filming” as well as scarf and leather gloves (confirmed: no moustache) [8]
– But is Sherlock wearing a different scarf?

4. “Penny for the Guy” [9] (1:14)
–> John walks(!) up to 221b (Euston station exit is exactly in the direction he is coming from), children asking for “Penny for the Guy”. Grumpy John says “No!” and lets himself into 221B with a key.
–> “Penny for the guy” seems to be fitting to bonfire scene where another Guy Fawkes was sighted [10]
–> but what happens with the moustache between entering 221B and being kidnapped (no moustache there)
–> is that the bathroom scene we all have been waiting for? shaving off the moustache?

5. John’s clothes/moustache
– He seems to be imitating Sherlock (longer jacket, scarf, leather gloves)
– Or is Mary dressing him now?
– And where are his jumpers?

6. Filming at Guard’s Chapel
– Video of Sherlock marching with guard and then taking off [11]
– Major Sholto connection? does he meet him there? does he investigate him there?
– When does this scene accur in the timeline?
– Was the imitation of them the next day why BC filmed them the day before? Doing his research? [12]

7. Sherlock’s new dressing gown [13]
– new Derek Rose? [14] –> upped the budget?
– or labcoat or trenchcoat?

8. Casting – little person from Setlock vid seems to be George Appleby [15] [16] –> actor – not part of the crew

9. The priest who married John and “Mary” is in fact A RL PRIEST [17]

10. Rumbelows sign on empty house (across street of 221B Baker Street). Plot point (from The Empty House) or just decoration? Prop reuse from pilot. Phone number leads to book shop in London. [18][19]

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