Episode 6.5: It’s All Still Fine


In which we continue with the queer roundtable discussion and explore the significance of IOU. Show notes, links, and more under the cut.

Art by Fox Estacado

Opening (00:00:00)
Reichenbach Fallout (00:02:23)
Extreme Crafting with Mrs. Hudson – Interview with Sashaforthewin (00:41:26)
Queer Roundtable – Part 2 (01:09:00)
Closing (01:41:06)

Opening  (00:00:00)
Host: Rachael

Reichenbach Fallout  (00:02:23)
Consulting Fans: Fox Estacado, Shannon, and Rachael
The consulting fans discuss the possible hidden meanings and clues in Moriarty’s IOU.

Extreme Crafting with Mrs. Hudson – Interview with Sashaforthewin  (00:41:26)
Consulting Fans: Dixie, Qui
An interview with Sasha covering cosplay, crossplay and fic!

Queer Roundtable – Part 2 (01:09:00)
Consulting Fans: Rachael, Drinkingcocoa, Roane, Methleigh

Closing (01:41:06)
Host: Rachael


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– David Arnold and Michael Price, Sherlock: Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series One: Opening Titles
– Arrangement of opening by AledWyn91
Reichenbach Fallout
– Adele, Skyfall
Extreme Crafting With Mrs.Hudson
-Swing Out Sister, Get In Touch With Yourself: Am I the Same Girl
– Inspector Gadget Theme
– Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever [The Original Movie Soundtrack]: Stayin’ Alive
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