Spoilercast 11: Hallelujah!


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Geny, Dixie (with special appearances by Emma and Katie)

In this episode: We discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3.

Art by Fox Estacado

This Week’s Top Ten:

1. TEASER TRAILER! REAL! NO EXTRA FOOTAGE! ALL FROM SERIES 3 [1] – what do we see [2] and still no official transmission date [3][4][5]

2. Speculation on the montage on the wall of 221B. Is it perhaps John’s? [6] Does he suspect that Sherlock survived?

3. Further casting news and speculation: Miss Sutherland from S3E1 – what does that mean for the story? What does canon have to say? [7]. Molly confirmed part of E3 via Claire (hair and make up) [8][9] Will we see Mummy Holmes? [10] And is Tom Brooke [11] Wiggins? [12]

4. Sue Vertue teases us [13] before revealing new villain [14] [15] – though why announce him now? If he is the only villain [16] then who would Mary be?

5. More speculation on the plot based on rat – wedding – bow [17] and the Milverton story [18] [19]– so, who gets engaged and TO WHOM? Is it all for a case?

6. Did Sherlock escape form the hospital to meet Mangussen? [20] at Giovannis since he’s not in usual get-up [21] But then: [22] [23][24] Sherlock seen in sweats and his usual suit on same set[25][26]

7. What we have gleaned so far from on-location filming in Cardiff: John seen going to “abandoned” building – knocking on door [27] – being let in [28] Does this suggest ACD’s Man with the Twisted Lip. If so, would the modern day equivalent be a crack house? Extras could suggest this. [29]

8. What’s up with Watson? RING WATCH success! Here it is [30][31] and here it isn’t (along with the mustache) [32] And about that “BIG SPOILER” rumour that Marin Freeman was apparently seen in army uniform! There are no pictures but there was definitely someone in an uniform. [33]

9. First official promo pic for S3 via Empire Mag – will we see this going on for years – can we expect to see SH/BC and JW/MF age in front of that door? [34]

10. Interview with Sue and Steven Comic Con [35]

  • “Sherlock” could go on for a long time!
  • Illusionist on set (Derren Brown)
    • “Illusionist? What Illusionist?”
    • “It’s all there, we haven’t cheated, it’s properly done.”
  • Moriarty IS dead! (“You can’t fake that one.”)
  • Irene back? (“They are not in an ongoing relationship.”)
  • Amanda IS playing “Mary Morstan”
  • Series 3 timeline: 2 years between “death” and Sherlock coming back (via Sue)
    • important here is to see what they give away freely!

Special credit: ALL HQ pics from [36]

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