Spoilercast 13: Sharp Dressed Man


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Geny, Dixie

In this episode: We discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3.

Art by Fox Estacado

This Week’s Top Ten:

1. Casting additions: Jake Xu as hospital staff. [1] Jamie Jarvis as surgeon.[2] And we learned that Lyndsay Duncan is Lady Smallwood.[3]

2. Sherlock seen in pajamas on Friday and bathrobe outside optometry building in Cardiff. [4] Does this suggest he’s in the hospital. Amanda also around, but in what capacity? [5]

3. Then we came to Cardiff on Saturday. Ambulance at LOC [6]and minibuses spotted at base, six or seven people wearing scrubs were seen inside, and Jake Xu apparently bought a suit for the part but was put into scrubs.[7][8][9][10]. Two scenes filmed, one upstairs not visible from outside and one downstairs – visible.

4. Molly was present in her lab coat suggesting this might be St. Barts and later on came out to say hello to the setlockers.[11]

5. Rehearsal and actual filming seen for Lestrade and John. Lestrade on phone asking for “His usual hangouts” naming two places. John in cardigan briefly during really bad weather, suggests there’s a reason for him being in that building.[12]

6. Sunday scene 1, Lestrade on phone walking into shop, stops in front of door distracted by something he sees in the paper. No idea what he sees. Mark directed.[13]

7. Sunday scene 2, Amanda, Martin, Benedict and Tom Brook (the one who let John into the abandoned building). Sherlock in homeless get-up, Amanda in pajamas driving the car. John and Sherlock having it out on the stairs after Sherlock punches out the wooden board covering the doors, jumps down stairs, get into car, confronted by Tom Brook guy, take him into the car, and drive off. Unknown fifth person in back seat with Sherlock sandwiched in-between. [14] [15] [16][17]

8. Sunday scene 3, at the university. Suggested that it was going to be a court scene set in Austria or Germany with the verdict not guilty. Minibuses with extras spotted. Lots of suit-type costumes.

9. Also spotted, special crew van and Benedict’s body double in full on costume with hair twisted and diffused, suit, and crisp white dress shirt.

10. And finally, because we love her so much, Molly Hooper is officially done for series 3[18] while Awel tweets about some important numbers [19].


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