Spoilercast 14: We are SETlocked


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Geny

In this episode: We hear from fans who were at North Gower Street for #setlock on August 21st and discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3. (SPOILERS below, obviously.)

Art by Fox Estacado

This Week’s Top Ten:
1. Director Jeremy Lovering reveals that fake footage was filmed for S3E1.[1]

2. Casting:
–> More Mind Palace action revealed: Victoria Fayne cast as Woman in Sherlock’s Mind Palace [2]

–> Butler for Magnussen: [3] (we recall canon)[4]

3. Gower Street [5]

–> scene 1 John and Sherlock leave 221B – Sherlock tells John to bring gun – John doesn’t know why he should – Sherlock takes off in cab – John walks away from 221B [6][7]

–> scene 2 John and Sherlock arrive in cab at 221B – Sherlock in Hobolock-look[8] – door knocker straight – Sherlock complains about OCD and “he doesn’t even know he is doing it” (Mycroft?)[9]

–> scene 3 four men in suits leave 221B Baker Street – three security guys, one “villain-y” looking guy, but not Magnussen – security guards positioned around car – 4th guy gets in – drive off [10], [11], [12]

–> scene 4 not 221B but still Gower Street – Anderson and Mary (????)

4. Leinster Gardens // Moscow Road
–> scene 1
Mary walks down alley, turns onto Leinster Grnds – gives money to homeless guy on corner – he grabs her hand and gives her a headset – talks to her briefly – takes off into other direction – Mary is confused, puts headset on and seems to be guided by someone to house – giant picture of herself from her wedding projected onto house[13] – Mary seems shocked and walks into house[14][15], [16]

–> scene 2 Sherlock and John Sherlock walks past café John is sitting in – stops and looks at him – they look at each other – no dialogue (mind palace?)[17][18], [19],[20], [21], [22], [23],

5. 9 Stoney Lane – St. Botolph Building  – doors to offic building say “CAM” on glass doors (Charles Augustus Magnussen?)[24] pics via extra from that night [25]

–> scene 1 Sherlock and John (with ring [26]) going up the escalator

–> scene 2 (not visible) security guards having to pick up someone –> freeze frame, green screens (we think: Sherlock deducing Sherlock as double was on set as well) (extras info: [27], freeze frame requires dance education as freezing from running was required [28], [29], [30])

–> scene 3 Sherlock and John get into elevator (pre-scene to Heron Tower (?))

6. Heron Tower [31]
–> scene 1 Sherlock running up the stairs of Heron Tower? running where to? why?[32]

–> scene 2 Sherlock and John in elevator – from 0-32 floor (again and again) – either long deduction or awkward silence [33]

–> extras saw tall woman leaving Tower, guarded with umbrellas, in dress, long dark wavy hair –> Yasmin Akram?[34], [35], [36]
“viallin-y” guy from Gower Street arrived at one point[37]

–> scene 3 Sherlock and John doubles were driven away to do additional scenes in London [38][39] – Ambulance [40] – Sherlock getting shot/injured? (remember his hospital get-up)

7. Cab scene London
Sherlock and John driving around in London cab [41][42] – Sherlock in Hobolock-look [43][44] –> scene before John and Sherlock arriving at 221B – Gower Street filming day?

8. Sherlock in January 2014 then? [45][46][47]

9. Afghanistan flashback? [48] but: [49]

10. Timeline reconstruction. Does Series 3 in fact span a full year?
Other links of interest:

Geny’s daily spoiler roundup posts [50]

Ruther2’s Making of Sherlock Series [51]

The #setlock tag on Tumblr [52]

The #setlock hashtag on Twitter [53]



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