Spoilercast 15: One More Spoiler Please, Sherlock


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Geny, Dixie (with special appearances by Emma and Drinkingcocoa)

In this episode: We discuss spoilers for Sherlock series 3 and what we’re going to do now that filming is over.

Art by Fox Estacado

1. BBC drama trailer [1]

2. More casting news: Tomi May is BACK. [2] Is this a familiar face from Baskerville? [3][4] Hugh Holman as the waiter in S3E1? [5] [6]

3. MOD base filming – hangars – air base – military [7]

4. Scene John – Mary – AND Mycroft? [8]

5. Remote, remote location – what could that mean? jet? cottage? [9] And what’s up with Mycroft in casual wear? [10]

6. Villain-y goodness – [11] [12] – WITH Lindsay Duncan

7. Trepoff case – GUILTY! [13] canon? CAM GLOBAL NEWS? just how influential is this new villain?

8. John and Sherlock at a pizzaria follow-up. Why a New York pizzaria? [14] [15] John drinks coffee AND wine [16] and Sherlock is in the same seat but at a different time [17] Is this Mind Palace or a sign of waiting and angst?

9. Sneak peek at score from Series 3 in Edinburgh. [18] Could there be a Sherlock prom in our future? [19][20] Would you go? [21]

10. Taking down sets … but which one? [22]


Look for the Crime-Scene Wall, table of all the theories raised on Spoilercast, coming soon.

A special shout-out to our Consulting Transcribers: Caroline, Jana, ChicagoCadGirl, Roberta, Saskia, and Sherlockappreciationblog


Other links of interest:

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The #setlock hashtag on Twitter [26]



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