Spoilercast 16: Mournstache


Consulting Fans: Geny, Emma, Shannon

In this episode: We look at the latest news regarding all things BBC Sherlock Series 3 (SPOILERS below, obviously.)

Art by Fox Estacado

This Week’s Top Ten:

1. The New Trailer [1]
– Cemetery Scene: John at the grave? Whose shadow on the tombstone? Mycroft? Who are the flowers from? Is that how series 3 E1 will begin?
– Restaurant Scene: Who is John looking at? Sherlock? Costume change? Waiter? Look-A-Like cast. [2]
– Sherlock Fanclub: Who is Laura? Where are they? What is on the wall behind them? [3] Why is Anderson there? Is Anderson fanclub leader? We are with the fanclub when they find out. Twitter & fanclub meeting = shout out to the fandom?
-Further Analysis [4]

2. Let’s talk about Anderson.
– Anderson: Anderson looks distraught (hair, misbuttoned). [5] Already long greasy hair in E1 (with Lestrade) [6]. Anderson supporting Sherlock: out of guilt? has it always been this way? …
– Is he the improbable one [7]

3. John’s Blog Update[8]
– John moving on
– “Still believe in Sherlock Holmes”
– Who is Mary?
– More blog updates to come

4. Promo shots
– Underground promo picture [9] – analysis [10]
– John in restaurant picture [11]
– John and Sherlock in 221B [12]. Is John hurt? Why? How? [13]

5. Sherlock Jan 19th in US – when in the UK? BFI [14]. How do I protect myself from being spoiled.

6. Aidan Turner NOT cast Jamie Hudson.

7. Vinette Robinson [15]

8. Amanda Abbington confirmed as Mary Morsten/Morstan [16]

9. Derren Brown in Doctor Who – cover story? [17] is that a hint, Moffat?

10. #SherlockLives – Let’s show the BBC and the world that we are ready for Sherlock’s return. Post your own handwritten #SherlockLives with yourself, a landmark from where you live, etc – be creative. Post on twitter and/or tumblr, tag it #SherlockLives AND #BBCONE (they do check their tag). [18]
Other links of interest:

Geny’s daily spoiler roundup posts [19]

Ruther2’s Making of Sherlock Series [20]

The #setlock tag on Tumblr [21]

The #setlock hashtag on Twitter [22]



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