Episode 12: Imagine the Christmas Dinners


In which we talk with AbundantlyQueer about John Watson, interview Sherlockology about the growth of the fandom, and look ahead to series 3. Show notes, links, and more under the cut.

Art by Fox Estacado

Host Opening (0:00)
Coroner’s Report (11:35)
Looking Ahead to Series 3 (13:20)
From the Notebook of Kitty Riley (37:34)
From the Notebook of Kitty Riley (01:09:36)
A Study in Fanfic (01:43:37)
That’s My Division (02:10:16)
Postmortem (02:16:08)

Host Opening (0:00)
Consulting Fans: Rachael, Qui, Dixie, B

Coroner’s Report (11:35)
Consulting Fan: Octopieces

Looking Ahead to Series 3(13:20)
Consulting Fans: Roane, Katie, MK, Drinkingcocoa
The wait for Series 3 is almost over! Sherlock fandom, are you okay?

From the Notebook of Kitty Riley(37:34)
Consulting Fan Shannon interviews half the team (Jules and David) behind fansite Sherlockology

From the Notebook of Kitty Riley (01:09:36)
Consulting fan Roane sits down with fanfic writer Abundantlyqueer

A Study in Fanfic (01:43:37)
Consulting fans: Emma Grant, mazarin221b, Decadentwallpaper, Scienceofobsession, and Cellardoorpodfic

That’s My Division (02:10:16)
Consulting Fans: Destinationtoast, Decadentwallpaper, Scienceofobsession

Postmortem (02:16:08)
Consulting Fans: Rachael, Qui, Dixie, B


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Unless otherwise indicated, all music is available for purchase through online retailers such as amazon.com and iTunes.
– David Arnold and Michael Price, Sherlock: Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series One: Opening Titles
– Arrangement of opening by AledWyn91 [1] http://www.sherlockology.com/
Coroner’s Report
-Breaking News: Eye on the World Broadcast News
Looking Ahead to Series 3
– Etta James, At Last (title track)
– Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak: The Boys Are Back in Town
From the Notebook of Kitty Riley
– Miles Davis, Kind of Blue: So What
A Study in Fanfic
– Cake, Fashion Nugget: Open Book
That’s My Division
– John Coltrane, My Favorite Things [Deluxe Edition]: My Favorite Things, Part 1
– Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever [The Original Movie Soundtrack]: Stayin’ Alive
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