Spoilercast 17: Sherlock Please Come Home


Consulting Fans: Geny, Dixie, Shannon

In this episode: We look at the the photos and Christmas Promo Trailer released for BBC Sherlock Series 3. This episode was recorded Friday night, before the interactive trailer was released. We’ll be getting on that one as soon as we can. We love you BBC, but oh my god!

Art by Fox Estacado

This Week’s Top Ten:

1. The Christmas Promo Footage [1] – Someone at the BBC enjoyed tormenting us with those lyrics.[2]

2. Christmas mini-sode.[3] What will we see? – Anderson and the fans? Angst all around? Sherlock’s actual return? John’s Christmas without Sherlock?

3. 30+ new Sherlock pictures (leaked! [4][5]– the BBC loves us [6])

4. Molly’s shirt – are we going to see the Fall and John’s reaction to it from Molly’s perspective. [7]

5. Ring-watch pays off.[8] That’s definitely not a camera strap on Molly’s finger.[9]. Who is he? “Red Shirt Guy”? Villain? Sniper? [10] // Ring-watch-part-2 Lestrade divorced for good? [11] Then why the champagne? can we expect the original ring-watch to pay off soon? Is that the reason for the up and down mood in 221B?

6. Conversation in a Kebab Shop? / Spencers Cafe? [12]. Is this the moment Gatiss wrote about on Twitter? When does the headbutt happen? Twitter play by play [13] – video shortly after headbutt happened – in front of Kebab shop [14]

7. Costume confirmed: Sherlock in a Tux and bow tie additionally to “normal” attire when entering Daffodil. Switcheroo with waiter? Who put Sherlock on the ground?[15] Mary? bloody nose is happening later as observed by setlockers [16]

8. Tomi May finally has a role description.[17]

9. John’s blog – counter is gone? [18]

10. Last but not least: Dec 15th “The Empty Hearse” @ BFI [20], Jan 5th “The Sign of Three” @BaftaCymru [21], Jan 8th “His Last Vow” @Bafta [22] – blacklist, tag, avoid[23]

Other links of interest:

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The #setlock hashtag on Twitter [27]



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– Mariah Carey, (Christmas) Baby Please Come Home

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