Spoilercast 18: Trailer Madness


Consulting Fans: Geny, Dixie, Emma

In this episode: We look at the latest news regarding all things BBC Sherlock Series 3.

Art by Fox Estacado

This Week’s Top Ten:

A. BFI – spoilers – The importance of blacklisting – the fourth wall – BSB’s #ProjectFandom [1] // Caitlin Moran in contact with fanfic writer [2]

B. John’s blog update [3]

C. Sherlock S3 DVD release information [4]

D. Trailer discussion and analysis [5] // all mini clips here [6]

1. It WAS John at grave (with Mary) [7]
// –> new ship names: Jam and Jamlock

2. Does Sherlock make John shave off the moustache? (Sherlock’s comment in the trailer about, “We’ll have to get rid of that”)
“Maybe I’ll surprise him. jump out of a cake” [8][9] and the accompanying response from fandom

3. Sherlock on the roof of Bart’s – escape route – mind palace – what really happened on the roof? [10][11][12]

4. “The one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person that mattered the most.” Who is “he”? Moriarty? Who mattered the most? Six people are shown are he says those words:
–> Molly: More evidence that she helped Sherlock out while he was “dead”. (Shot of Molly in 221B in the trailer [13][14]
–> Mrs Hudson: Still taking care of 221B?
–> Anderson: Did he and Sherlock reconcile and work together?
–> Lestrade
–> Mycroft: There’s more evidence that Mycroft was complicit in Sherlock’s disappearance; Did Moriarty think he’d manipulated Mycroft?
–> John

5. How and when does John find out Sherlock is alive? In public at the restaurant? Or in private at 221B (shot from trailer where he walks into the flat and looks shocked)?

6. Evidence that the crime scene wall we’ve been wondering about all this time was assembled by Sherlock and not John!

7. Do we see an image of John in the bonfire, or just waking from a nightmare? [15][16][17][18]

8. 051113 [19]

9. Doctor Watson back in the office [20] // GP? // Pediatrician // Mary? (additional info in BFI extra at end) // what is Mary late for? Emma and Geny investigate // costume – timeline [21] [22] — John’s abduction [23]

10. BFI specifics
–> interview with Martin [24]
–> interview with Mark [25]

Other links of interest:

Geny’s daily spoiler roundup posts [26]

Ruther2’s Making of Sherlock Series [27]

The #setlock tag on Tumblr [28]

The #setlock hashtag on Twitter [29]



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