Episode 14: Many Happy Returns


In which we analyze and enthuse over the hints, humor, and hair featured in the special Minisode released on 24 December.  Show notes and links below the cut.

Art by Fox Estacado

Minisode Reaction Roundtable (0:00)
Consulting Fans: Rachael, Qui and Shannon


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7 thoughts on “Episode 14: Many Happy Returns

  • chamekke

    Just listened to Episode 14 (sooo many wonderful moments!) and I wanted to suggest something that would very neatly explain some of the inconsistencies in the Sherlock-in-exile scenes.

    We’re seeing Sherlock in Tibet, India, Germany as Anderson imagines him to have been.

    The first time I saw the mini, this is actually how I read it. We see each “flashback” only after Anderson excitedly begins to describe where he believes Sherlock has shown up.

    That’s not to say that he’s wrong (I think he’s right), BUT it explains why there are some factual hiccups in his imaginings of these scenes. Here’s an example I know from having been around Tibetans for over two decades: Anderson may have glimpsed Tibetan monks in London, but he doesn’t know much about their lives, so he fleshes out the bare bones of what he knows with details from the Western monasteries he’s seen in films and TV (cowls, wall sconces, upright candles) even though those details are entirely out of place in the situation he’s describing.

    To my mind, this theory TOTALLY explains why you see Sherlock-in-flashback in The Coat and wearing totally over-the-top curls. This is how he appears in Anderson’s imagination – wearing his characteristic gear and with his features (hair) somewhat exaggerated. I’ll bet that if you could see Sherlock from the front (through Anderson’s mind’s eye), he would have extra-blue eyes and cheekbones that you could sharpen a knife on. He’s an Impossibly Idealized Hero!

    No idea if anyone has pointed this out elsewhere (I don’t really do Tumblr), but I thought I’d throw it out. Maybe Sherlock’s wildly curly hair, the slightly wonky German stuff and the Tibetan wall sconces can all be explained by an unreliable – if adorably obsessed – narrator who is filling in the gaps with his fanboy love.

    P.S. I posted this to your LJ first, then thought maybe this was the right place instead. You guys are in a lot of places 😉

    • Anonymous

      Oh, your theory is very good! It does make sense that we are seeing Sherlock as Anderson imagines him to have been. 🙂

    • admin Post author

      Yes! The Anderson filter is a terrific explanation for a lot of these oddities, especially the clothing and the coat. As for the crispy hair, that was visible in the video to John as well, so I am going to chalk it up to humidity and hair and makeup. But that Anderson is a bit of a fanboy is sort of adorable.

      And since fans of Sherlock are in a lot of places, we are too!


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