Episode 15: The Reichenbach Wrap Up


In which we explore our favorite Reichenbach theories one last time. Show notes below the cut.

Art by Fox Estacado

Minisode Reaction Roundtable (0:00)
Post Mortem (48:17)

Minisode Reaction Roundtable (0:00)
Consulting Fans: Rachael, Roane, MK, and Decadent Wallpaper

  • MK (aka notverygoodatflyingaeroplanes) and Decadent Wallpaper join Rachael and Roane to stake out our final positions regarding the many Reichenbach puzzles
  • Questions to ponder: how Sherlock faked his death, who was involved, what IOU means, does the Gingerbread Man matter, and what are we all missing that Moffat is teasing us about

Post Mortem  (48:17)
Consulting Fan: Rachael (without Qui!)

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5 thoughts on “Episode 15: The Reichenbach Wrap Up

  • Fictitious

    First of all I want to tell you how much I enjoy your podcasts. I’m always behind so I just listened to this episode today. I swore off the Internet from Jan 1 until I had seen all three episodes of series 3 and I’m just catching up now.

    I had several thoughts on your wrap-up, though they are obviously out of date now.

    1) Why I expected Mycroft to be one of the people who knew Sherlock was alive (leaving aside the rather unsatisfactory explanation that it was all Mycroft’s idea)- in spite of how much Sherlock snarks about Mycroft, he doesn’t hesitate to call on him for favors when it serves his purpose, as he did in Baskerville.

    2) How the homeless network could keep the secret – even if some of them tried to say he was alive, people wouldn’t pay any attention to them or just think they were crazy. If they won’t listen to Anderson why would they listen to a homeless person?

    3) Why did he throw the phone away? So it wouldn’t get broken in the fall, thereby preserving the recording, or whatever else was on the phone.

    4) About the message of the Gingerbread Man in the envelope – when they escape the police in “The Reichenbach Fall” John asks, “so what now” and Sherlock replies, “doing what Moriarty wants – I’m becoming a fugitive. Run.” referencing the poem, “run run as fast as you can.”

    I just signed up for 221Bcon in Altanta. Will any of you be there? I’ve never been to a con before.

    Thanks again.

    • admin Post author

      This is brilliant, especially the gingerbread man part which is now so obvious in hindsight. Quite a few of us were really taken with scouring Grimm’s fairy tales for clues when we clearly should have been looking to nursery rhymes. As for 221b con, yes we will most definitely be there. Quite a few of us will be going, in fact, and we’re looking forward to meeting so many of the people we’ve gotten to know online. We’ll be making more announcements about our plans, so stayed tuned for that in the coming weeks.


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