Spoilercast 19: The Crime Scene Wall of Theories


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In this episode: We wrap up 2013 with our favorite theories and predictions before Series 3 airs. ALL theories introduced over all the Spoilercasts can be viewed on The Crime Scene Wall of Theories Excel Sheet.

Art by Fox Estacado

Our Top 10 Favorite Theories:

1. We’re going to the Holmes estate for Christmas Dinner. (From Spoilercast 15.)

2. Sherlock won’t suddenly be easy to get along with and will still be rather unpleasant and arrogant. (From Spoilercast 16.)

3. Magnussen is blackmailing Mary and the beamed wedding photo seen on the building is meant to threaten her marriage. (From Spoilercast 14.)

4. The relationship between John and Mary will actually strengthen the relationship between John and Sherlock. (From Spoilercast 5.)

5. We are going to see a seduction scene where Sherlock lays on the charm. (From Spoilercast 14.)

6. Steven Moffat is going to make us fall in love with Mary and will then rip our hearts out. (All the Spoilercasts!)

7. Magnussen is modeled upon Rupert Murdoch and will use his media conglomerate to facilitate blackmail. (From Spoilercast 15.)

8. We will see Sherlock dancing and he will be a very smooth dancer. (From Spoilercast 7.)

9. Molly having a type is a plot point and her fiancé is going to be a token red-shirt character who is targeted because he looks like Sherlock. (From Spoilercast 17.)

10. If Gatiss is involved in directing and there is a gay bar scene in episode two, there is going to be massive objectification of Benedict which turns generations of sexist objectification of women on its head. (From Spoilercast 7.)



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