Episode 18: Bow


In which we react to the end of series three in His Last Vow and prepare for the next hiatus. Show notes, links, and more under the cut.

Art by Fox Estacado

Intro (0:00)
Coroner’s Report (07:50)
“His Last Vow” Reaction Roundtable (08:34)
Post Mortem and Mail (1:16:15)

Intro (0:00)

Consulting Fans:  Rachael, Emma, Qui, Dixie, Drinkingcocoa

Coroner’s Report (07:50)

Consulting Fan: Octopieces

“His Last Vow” Reaction Roundtable (08:34)

Consulting Fans: Roane, Shannon, and Geny

  • Our Top 10 for “His Last Vow”
    1. Character revelations (Mary! Sherlock! Mrs. Hudson!)
    2. Canon callouts (so many of them!)
    3. Holmes family dynamic (Sherlock and Mycroft and their brilliant mathematician mother and ordinary father, and “the other one”)
    4. JOHN (the caps are courtesy of Roane)
    5. William Randolph Hearst Rupert Murdoch Charles Augustus Magnussen
    6. Spoilercast and setlock–the differences and similarities
    7. Fan service: and you thought TEH was loaded with it!
    8. Guess who’s back? (Or is he?)
    9. The ending: yay or nay?
    10. Unanswered questions: we have them
  • Links:

Post Mortem and Mail (1:16:15)

Consulting Fans:  Emma, Drinkingcocoa

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– David Arnold and Michael Price, Sherlock: Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series One: Opening Titles
– Arrangement of opening by AledWyn91 [1] http://www.sherlockology.com/

Coroner’s Report
-Breaking News: Eye on the World Broadcast News

“His Last Vow” Reaction Roundtable
– Queen, “Killer Queen”

– Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever [The Original Movie Soundtrack]: Stayin’ Alive

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8 thoughts on “Episode 18: Bow

  • chamekke

    Hmm. Did Sherlock rig up a fake resurrection for Moriarty, to extricate himself from Mycroft’s “eastern European assignment”?

    Or is this James Moriarty’s canonical brother of the same name?

    And if so, is he still working as a stationmaster in the west of England? Appledore is the name of a town in Cornwall, you know…

  • chamekke

    Or Janine is the ‘new’ Moriarty (a sister perhaps? James/Janine?). Although I really hope not.

    Or the mysterious third Holmes brother… another loose end…

    Damn. So many possibilities! *head explodes*

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