Spoilercast 21: The Ghost of Spoilers Past


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Geny, and Emma (with help from Dixie)

In this episode: With news of a read-through occurring last week, we’re ready to start speculating about series 4 and the mysterious Christmas special!

Art by Fox Estacado

Welcome back – We start by reviewing our general spoiler policy for tumblr and the podcast itself.

THE picture posted by Sue and many others involved in production (Mark, Arwel, etc) and distribution (BBCOne, PBS, etc).


Surprise Read-through


Arwel’s Tweets





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-Wham, “Last Christmas”
-Rockwell, “Somebody’s Watching Me”

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2 thoughts on “Spoilercast 21: The Ghost of Spoilers Past

  • Holly (heyfireeater)

    (Spoilercast suggestion)
    Hi 3-patch! I just wondered if it’s been confirmed that the special is indeed a Christmas release. If not – well, I’m probably in denial since many UK shows have specials at Christmas, but could you please try not to refer to it as a Christmas special? I just don’t want to wait that long unless I have to – I’m hoping for a summer special, myself. 🙂 Maybe we can have a Christmas In July special. Probably wishful thinking, but I am not a fan of the ‘wait for years then it’s over in a week and a half’ philosophy. Please let me hold onto my denial a little longer, if possible!

    In the meantime, I am thrilled that Spoilercast is back. I have missed all the speculative squee, and I’m looking forward to lots more – thank you for making the Sherlock experience last more than a week and a half!

    -Holly (heyfireeater on tumblr)

    • admin Post author

      Hi Holly,

      Just wanted to let you know that we answered your comment in Spoilercast 22, which just came out. Thanks for sending us this query.


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