Spoilercast 22: #Setlock And Back Again


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Geny, Dixie, B, and Caroline 

In this episode: #Setlock is back and so are we, with a top ten list of this week’s spoilers for the Sherlock special. 

Art by Fox Estacado

1. Casting

– Benedict & Martin (of course)
– Amanda
– Jonathan Aris (Anderson)
– Loo
– Rupert
– David Nellist (Stamford!)
– Why is Mark not in costume?
– Who haven’t we seen? (Mrs Hudson (was at readthrough), Janine, Irene – though there is ‘The Woman in White’, Anthea, Donovan)

2. Costumes

– Sherlock & John – the hair, moustache, lack of hats? –> final costume touch ups indoors? [1] [2] [3]
– Anderson – mortician? [4]
–> extra: [5]
–> presence of more than one dressed like this indicates mortician/autopsy team: [6] [7]
– Amanda in costume (what is the coat hiding, and what about her hair?) [8] [9]


3. Location(s)

– Bristol Colston Hall cellars (a possible Victorian era St. Bart’s) [10]
– 221B or not 221B – the mystery of the missing Arwel 221B pics – are we to expect a Victorian era 221B? [11]
– North Gower Street filming? [12]


4. Resulting Theories

– Where is Moriarty?
“Whatever the answer, the Sherlock special – currently in pre-production and due to start shooting in January – will solve the mystery “completely”, co-creator Mark Gatiss has assured me.” [13]
– Who is the Woman in White? (not actress but to the story)
–> dead? alive? bride? sleeping? [14] (Victorian nightgown) [15] flower crown? [16]
– still murder mystery possible after leaked set pics?
– is it all DUN DUN DUNnNNNNNnnn a dream/the mind palace/ someone being in a coma?
– how is our fav theory by thebusylilbee holding up? (book deal John – story set in 1895)
– stand alone possible?
– hello trolling my old friend
–> could they be trolling us with the costumes (no)
–> DW and SH shooting at same time – is it a crossover after all?
–> decoy actors on set? (ain’t nobody got money for that)


5. Oh Christmaslock oh Christmaslock

– Christmas special or not?
– where is the christmas-y aspect
– do we KNOW it will be a Christmas special content -wise or transmission-wise?
–> BC and MF refer to it as Christmas special [17] [18] [19] [20]
–> Gatiss and Moffat point out it is at the BBC’s discretion when to transmit [21] [22] and tend to refer to it as a special [23]. Tangentially, Gatiss has expressed a fondness for A Christmas Carol. [24]


6. Ringwatch Continues

– Ring seen? no –> MF video arriving on set – quality too low to make out ring
– but Mary is present
–> Seeing how obviously 19th century Bart’s is presented and Stamford is there – we could assume John and Mary are married (though their relationship does not exist in ASIS/P?)
– Amanda with rings, greeting fans [25] (own or characters) [26] (not her wedding ring though – neither the engagement ring [27]


7. Let’s Talk canon?

 “As far back as 2011, Mark Gatiss proclaimed his love for the seasonally-based The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, telling Radio Times, ‘I’d love to use it as the basis for a Sherlock Christmas special.’” [28]
-But what about The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire?  [29]


8. Future Location in Bath – Queen Street

–> made to be looking Victorian [30]
–> mimes? (twitter casting call)[31]


9. Debunking Setlock Mysteries

– what false rumours have we heard so far?

–> Andrew was NOT sighted on set [32]

–> Mark, Loo, Una pic – 2012 Donmar [33]

–> Photoshops
–> Martin Freeman flip off umbrella [34] – original [35] – photoshop

–> Why is the Sherlock coat on site? [36]

–> Why is John’s coat on site? [37]

–> Christmas on setlock [38]

–> Head in a jar via Mark Gatiss [39]


10. Setlock Housekeeping

– No leaked/stolen/sneaked/sold set pics
– No room for fans @ Bath for fans [40]
– Is there less setlock? – keep time of year in mind, as well as possible script content which doesn’t call for outdoor filming –> set filming in Cardiff (doesn’t mean it is not happening – setlock only happens when setlock… comes to us)


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One thought on “Spoilercast 22: #Setlock And Back Again

  • dolly

    I was just listening to this and wanted to add a small observation:
    I think Lou’s Molly-belong tweet has no deeper meaning with plot information, but is just an adaptation of the song “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong, which has the exact same text (about a Dolly, obviously).
    So I just think she tweeted this because Molly is back (shooting), and chose to be funny using the lyrics of the song.

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