Spoilercast 23: #Setlock Take the Wheel


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Geny, Dixie, and Caroline 

In this episode: #Setlock is back and so are we, with a top ten list of this week’s spoilers for the Sherlock special. (SPOILERS below, obviously.)

Art by Fox Estacado

1. Back to the 21st Century!
– John and Mary wearing what they wore on the tarmac in HLV [x]
– Martin’s hair is back to normal
– Mary definitely has a bump
– Where’s Sherlock?
– Gravedigging! Looking for Moriarty in all the wrong places

2. What about Sherlock’s Hair?
– Ringlet watch

3. Shooting in a cemetery
– And guess who’s buried there (the universe is rarely so lazy) [x]
– Why so many police? [x]
– How does this fit with HLV
– What about LIFE [x]
– Return to the Sign of Four? [x]
– Don’t blink? [x]

4. Shooting in Tyntesfield [x]
– Night shoot [x] [x]
– Awful weather and pearls? [x]
-Possible story behind that creepy bear Mark tweeted [x]

5. Who’s Missing 
– Loo at the London Short Film Festival [x]
– Still no sign of Moriarty

6. Update on Victorian Ringwatch 
– Listener post to Tumblr regarding married women not being allowed to work

7. There Will Be More Violin Playing
– Eos is Benedict’s violin tutor [x]
– Violinist double for Benedict being cast? [x]

8. Casting Spoilers
– Alex Austin as Alf [x]. Possible connection to Moriarty? [x]

9. ACD Canon Speculation
– Ulsters and The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle [x]
– The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax [x]
– The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone [x]

10. Disturbance in the Fandom.
-Martin talks about his experience with #setlock and filming Sherlock. [x]
-Radio Times successfully trolls the fandom. [x]
-And yet #Setlock rolls on. See you in Bath.

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