Spoilercast 25: A Study in Setlock


Consulting Fans: Emma, Shannon, Dixie, B, and Caroline 

In this episode: Our very own Shannon reports on her weekend setlocking in Bath and Bristol, and we discuss the last week’s spoilers. (SPOILERS below)

Art by Fox Estacado

  1. Shannon’s setlock report
  2. Cast and costumes
  3. Additional characters (Alf, cabbie, more women in white)
  4. Balcony scene (YOU) (Lady in white is dead as you can get in this series) and here and here
  5. Martin and Amanda in modern costume (indoor scene; same costumes as at the air strip in HLV)
  6. Outdoor 221B set
  7. Other settings
  8. Props (signs)
  9. Setlock debunked
  10. Speculation


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