Episode 39A: Hamlet Primer – Extended Cut


The Barbican Production of Hamlet is coming up here!  On August 5th, Benedict Cumberbatch is stepping onto the stage for what is sure to be an amazing production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, under the direction of Lyndsey Turner.

Listen to Three Patch Podcast consulting fan fffinnagain interview fan Hilary Justice, professor of English and author of  The Groundling’s Guide to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, to find out:

  • what this play is about
  • why Hamlet is such a big deal
  • what makes a good production of Hamlet

Hilary and Finnagain also compare the characters of Hamlet and Sherlock and speculate on this specific production, pulling details from the synopsis, the super-creepy poster, and what we know about the creative team.

A shorter version of this interview is in TPP’s Episode 39: Back to School. This extended cut touches on different productions of Hamlet, shares more historical context on Shakespeare’s audiences, and digs further into Ophelia, one of the most problematic characters of the play.

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Episode Audio Editor: Finnagain
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  • Hamlet Primer – Alistair McDonald (Adam McNaughton): Oor Hamlet

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