Episode 43A: Heimishtheidealhusband – UNCUT


Heimishtheidealhusband – UNCUT (38:34)
Longer version of an interview by Alexxphoenix42 with Heimishtheidealhusband covering some of her popular Sherlock metas, and speculation about the upcoming Sherlock special.
WARNING: some spoilers for the Abominable Bride found within. Listen at your own peril!
Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42, heimishtheidealhusband
Producer/Editor: Alexxphoenix42

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One thought on “Episode 43A: Heimishtheidealhusband – UNCUT

  • alessnox

    I was just listening to the interview, and Heimish said that the dog in Hound of the Baskervilles represented queerness but it was misunderstood. It was not the monster(Hound) that everyone thought it was. Even so it was shot.

    But who shot the dog? John Watson. John Watson is the one who misunderstands queerness as a monster. He is the one who continually shoots it down with his “I am not gay” statements. He does not recognize that it is harmless.

    What Sherlock does to Henry Knight, is that he takes Henry over to the shot dog and makes Henry look at it. He gets Henry to recognize that the dog was just a dog.

    And what does this remind me of?
    A dead man that Sherlock failed to protect.
    “What made you this way?”
    “Nothing made me. I made me.”
    Just speculating. Love to hear what you think.

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