Spoilercast 27: The Abominable Trailers


Consulting Fans: Shannon and Caroline with special guest Cupidford

In this episode: It’s been a while! We catch up on spoilers and speculation for The Abominable Bride. (SPOILERS below)

Art by Fox Estacado

  1. Roundup of official items released by BBC: synopsis, cast, rating
    1. Official synopsis – long
    2. Official synopsis – short (includes cast) [1][2]
    3. Rating 15
    4. Music (see Sherlock s3 trailer)
  2. Latest promotional material
    1. Sherlock’s Funniest Moments on Set
    2. Why Are We Going Back to Victorian Times?
  3. From the Beginning Then – Highlights from the Trailer
    1. Watch: teaser, trailer #1, extended trailer #2, teaser trailer #3 (released after main recording)
    2. Locations: Criterion, Manor/Tyntesfield [1][2], morgue, ruined church (crypt?), Limehouse [1][2], Diogenes Club (Wilder, casting)
  4. Missing from the trailer:
    1. Mycroft (quote)
    2. Molly
    3. Watson at War [1][2][3][4]
    4. modern [1][2][3]
  5. Props and costumes
    1. ringwatch
      1. Mary
      2. John
      3. Emilia Ricoletti
    2. Mary’s mourning/wedding dress
    3. Victorian 221B props from Canon, including portrait
    4. Emilia Ricoletti’s wedding dress
      1. hi-res promo photo – rings, fingers/nails, bruise/soot on chin and above mouth, tear on sleeve
    5. Sherlock’s watch chain suggests post-Irene Adler case
    6. Reichenbach painting in Diogenes Club
    7. Canon references in stained glass and set  [1][2][3][4][5]
    8. Mary and Mrs. Hudson’s earring
  6. What’s up with Mary?
    1. Mourning dress and cycling outfit
    2. Colourful dress (not in trailer)
    3. Assassin Mary?
  7. Role of women – mystery
    1. Molly missing from the trailer? Purple dress going out of shot and deleted tweet
    2. Mystery cult figures (acolytes) probably women, not KKK
    3. Wise Chinese Man” and Moftiss’ message for Chinese fans (Bar of Gold?), Props
  8. Plot metas
    1. Matchmaker, Matchmaker
    2. 1888 influence of Jack the Ripper
    3. Watson the unreliable narrator meta/TPloSH missing scenes
    4. Oscar Wilde [1][2][3][4][5]
  9. Other meta and speculation
    1. Spiritualism angle [1][2][3], illusions, and Colin Cloud
    2. Ghost stories are gay stories
    3. Women, the occult, and feminism (the new woman) [1][2][3]
  10. Coming up for Spoilercast and Three Patch
    1. TPP reaction roundtable episode for January 2(ish)
    2. TPP regular episode for January 6, 2016
    3. Spoilercast to get its own RSS (iTunes) feed soon

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