Spoilercast 28: #Setlock, Baby, One More Time


Spoilercast 28: #Setlock, Baby, One More Time

Preproduction is wrapping up, Arwel is a tease as always, and Shannon, Dixie, Caroline, and Cupidford speculate wildly before filming begins for Sherlock series 4.

Consulting Fans: Shannon, Dixie, Caroline, Cupidford

(SPOILERS below)

  1. Known quantities
    1. One director so far: Rachel Talalay [1][2][3] and confirmed no Douglas Mackinnon [4], probable director of photography Stuart Biddle Combe
    2. Ruther2’s storify of series 4 (part 1)
    3. Cumbercurls are back and no wig, thank god [1][2]
  2. Shooting dates, late March/early April through August
    1. Confirmed by Mark, Sue, and Amanda [1][2][3]
  3. Wild, wild, wild speculation
    1. Baby casting [1][2]
    2. Bathtub [1]
    3. John’s chair [1][2][3]
    4. Loo’s shopping for Molly’s clothes
    5. Recycled door and drug den recces
    6. 221B and the green eyed monster [1][2]
    7. Countryside and castle locations
      1. Mangham Country Park
      2. Windsor castle
      3. Margam castle
  4. Who to follow going forward
    1. Setlockers: ruther2 and his storify
    2. Production: Arwel Jones, Rachel Talalay (tumblr), Gaz Skelding, Daf Shurmer, Claire Pritchard, Stuart Rankmore, Danny Hargreaves of Real SFX, Charlie Malik.
      1. See also: Ruther’s public lists and Sherlockology’s  production list
    3. A little of what to to expect when filming starts
      1. Message from production to fans
        1. Sue (2014)
        2. Sherlockology (2013)
        3. Beryl and Loo (2015)
      2. Claitbait-y posts from news outlets (who later publish spoilers)
        1. Biggest offender: Radio Times [1][2]

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