Spoilercast 29: BRO LOC, The Other Bruh


Spoilercast 29: BRO LOC, The Other Bruh

In which we round up week 1’s of series 4 setlock spoilers.

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Dixie, Cupidford, B

(SPOILERS below)

Links in the show:

  1. Hostage in bank scene in Portland House
    1. Military outfits [1][2][3][4]
    2. Black balaclavas, very assassin!Mary-like [1] AA on set [1]
    3. Hostages [1][2]
    4. Gun shots, smoke, dramatic noises[1]
    5. Portland House [1][2]
  2. Restaurant scene at Mint and Mustard at Penarth
    1. un-pregnant Mary and mustache-less John (original now deleted)
  3. Watson house, bedroom scenes, crystal skull, nursery??
  4. Converted church (Albert Road Methodist Church) [1] [2] in Penarth, next to Belle Vue park
  5. Casting update
    1. Ella/Tanya Moodie [1][2]
    2. Rupert starts April 11 [1]
    3. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill/Gold Teeth [1][2]
    4. Harry Gostelow [1][2][3]
    5. Mark out of commission briefly with eyelid cyst [1][2]
  6. Straight from the horse’s mouth
    1. Rachel Talalay confirms director role
    2. Alistair Petrie confirms no plans to appear on s4
    3. Official release from Hartswood
    4. Script confirmation: Gatiss writing ep 1
  7. Debunked things
    1. Molly’s creepy doll pic
    2. Bro loc vs. JK loc
  8. Canon threads
    1. Stockbroker’s Clerk (Cloakstone69 and johnsweater)
    2. Sign of Four: Sholto had twins
  9. Una sighted at Cardiff central train station, but on weekend
    1. Episode 2: breakdown and budget from Arwel already
  10. Speculation
    1. Scene-stealing Amanda
    2. Loo’s tweet about Molly Hooper signage (6)
    3. Hairwatch: to wig or not to wig
    4.  Casting
      1. Sacha Dhawan [1]
      2. Olivia Poulet [1]
    5. Dixie’s TSoT reread theory: Sholto as Mary’s target
    6. Dixie’s Papa Morstan theory: Sign of Four
    7. East wind is coming: Eastern Avenue

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