Spoilercast 30: Full Horsepower #Setlock


Spoilercast 30: Full Horsepower #Setlock

We’re back in the saddle as we catch up on two weeks worth of spoilers and speculation, and a whole lot of teasers.

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Dixiebell, Cupidford, Midgetnazgul (sh_dowsingrod)

(SPOILERS below)

Links in the show:

  1. Coedarhydyglyn (April 11-13)
    1. Site deconstruction (Dominique Arthur video [x], Gareth Skelding photo, later Tom Guy photo – tie in to Doctor Who building facade [x] and curtains, location signs)
    2. Ben, Mark, Martin on set (maybe Rupert) [1][2][3][4]
    3. Speculation:
      1. Lightbulbs – stables? [1][2][3]
      2. Ferrari at location [1][2][3]
        1. Possible canon tie-in: Silver Blaze?
        2. Prancing horseFerrari F430?
        3. TLO Action Vehicle
        4. Very speculated: Practice vehicle at Llandalf circuit (closed w/c Apr 18)
  2. Margam Orangery scene deconstruction (April 14)
    1. Suits, posh dress, fascinators, but no bride [1]
    2. Christening theory, confirmed? [1][2][3]
    3. “Or was it?” (MP?)
    4. On set: BC [x], RG, LB [x][x], AA [x], MG?, musician Nicky Wire?, US?
    5. Possible canon tie-in: Sussex Vampire?
  3. Lots of teaser tweets
    1. Arwel
      1. 221b “morning treat” pic and analysis
        1. Sudoku Rubik’s cube [1][2][3]
        2. More Silver Blaze reference to the sharps? [1]
        3. Caroline’s snuff spoon contribution
      2. 1679abbey?
      3. hand on set
      4. 221 bee – from Sherlock’s bedroom [1]
      5. CCXXI
    2. Rachel
      1. Cookies, slate for 4/12 posted 4/18 (Hudders?)
      2. Azbantium
    3. Claire
      1. Claire with daffodil
    4. Mark Back tweets, hair watch, and sharks
      1. Shark facts, to Amanda
      2. Back #1 Sherlock
        1. Coedarhydyglyn [1][2][3][4]
      3. #2 John and IntoFilm kids visit set
        1. Ringwatch
        2. Hairwatch for John?!: SilverShizuo says Martin had new hair and Sherlock’s looked natural at least to them
        3. IntoFilm (edit from podcast: Steven and Sue not in photo)
      4. #3 Mary
        1. Mint and Mustard revisited, curls
        2. Outside Dragon Studio Pencoed
      5. #4 Mycroft
        1. Dragon Studio?
        2. Scarf-gate
      6. Loo haircut just before Paris con with Andrew
      7. Timeline jumps? But backward or forward?
  4. Car crash scene — unconfirmed theory
    1. Crashed vehicles [1] for April 19 filming?
    2. Huge CG screens sighted at Dragon Studios [1]
      1. Dragon Studios (Load in April 19  [x, x, x, x], Production April 20 & 21) (Stage 2) w/ green screen (x) [x]
        1. Large studio, cgi, a pit! (use of pit unconfirmed)
    3. Fire engines sighted
    4. Arwel’s 2nd unit director credit
      1. Speculation: burnt items? Why scary?
  5. Main cast, sightings
    1. Benedict sighted multiple times at Margam orangery [1][2]
    2. Mary and Molly having a lot of scenes together? [1][2]
    3. Loo haircut, Paris con [1][2][3], and then a week off
    4. Loo and Rupert on train
    5. Amanda looks like she’s putting in long days? Not sighted much. Lots of studio time for Mary? [1]
    6. Lots of studio time generally
    7. Amanda, Mark, and Martin sighted at Wagamama’s in Cardiff
  6. Casting
    1. Harry Gostolow listed as ambassador’s husband
      1. Possible canon tie-in: Greek Interpreter
      2. But ambassador from where? [1][2]
    2. James Holmes listed as Passenger
      1. Reasonably similar build and coloring as John. Doppelgänger?
    3. Gary Arthurs – stunt man, very possibly stunt driver
  7. Production schedule ongoing
    1. Episode 1 – ready for production
      1. Scoring – Michael Price
      2. Special effects – Danny SFX
      3. Unconfirmed London filming for April 21 (less likely) and April 29 (more likely)
    2. Episode 2 recce?
      1. Tom Guy working on Sunday
      2. Gaz looking over script at pool
      3. Jeremy Decoursey, Ben Mangham, and @locationassist_ breakfast at Speedy’s
      4. Location managers on holiday or international recces?
      5. Speedy’s booked for June 21/22 per owner to person on Twitter (episode 2?)
      6. Armourer Dave Bayliss convo w/ MG about guns
      7. MG writing first ep, MG & SM writing one episode each & one together
  8. April 14, what did Arwel build?
    1. Something art department did, not special effects
  9. Other theories


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