Spoilercast 31: Live Every #Setlock Like It’s Shark Week


Spoilercast 31: Live Every #Setlock Like It’s Shark Week

In which we catch up on London filming, spoilers, and…sharks?

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Dixie, Cupidford

(SPOILERS below)

Links in the show:

  1. [cardiff] The Watson House
    1. Wordsworth Avenue [1][2], Sherlock & Molly & Baby [1][2][3][4][5], ground floor/garden flat
    2. Baby buggy & motorbike?
    3. Wrap for Loo
  2. [cardiff] Crime Scene
    1. Cyncoed Road, Sherlock & Mycroft & Lestrade & Police/Forensics [1][2], Real SFX
    2. Mark tweeted the back of Rupert’s head
    3. Martin and Amanda not on set [1][2]
  3. Bloodhound case (Sherlock, John, Mary, baby, dog)
    1. Bonnington Square (picking up Mary/baby/dog, from where?) [1]
    2. Trinity Church Square [1][2][3][4]; “And we’re off
      1. Police from Cyncoed?
      2. Different parts filmed
    3. Borough Market [1][2][3][4]
      1. Parts filmed (including Freezer/blood)
  4. MI6
    1. Vauxhall Bridge [1][2][3]
    2. MI6 exterior
      1. Sherlock & SAs [1]
      2. Meeting with an agent?, James Holmes speculation & his tweet
    3. Unconfirmed closed set w/ Martin & Ben within MI6
  5. Miles Street Tunnel (Scene 15)
    1. Birthing scene? [1][2][3]
    2. Car, Sherlock, John, Mary, swaddled newborn, fake belly, Shark fin graffiti
  6. Additional scenes filmed
    1. Aquarium (Tunnel)
      1. 3 SA cops, unknown cast member (not principal), Sherlock [1][2]
    2. Watson in a cab (night) [1]
    3. Additional black cab scene around London (day, park)
  7. Misc
    1. Sherlockology picture from the 221B set
    2. Rachel’s photo of TPTB headsets
    3. Rachel Talalay tells fan she is only directing 1 ep
    4. Richard Syms (potential vicar?)
  8. Speculation/canon references?
    1. Sharks
    2. Silver blaze – curious incident of the dog
  9. Coming up
    1. More shooting?
    2. Yan Miles Editor for E2 [1][2]
    3. Claire, Arwel, Gareth/Tom, Sarah working on E2
      1. Arwel: Carlton House, Coal Exchange
    4. Next London filming is maybe June

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  • John Williams, Kid Stuff: An Afternoon at the Movies: Jaws Theme
  • Show Intro/Outro – Rockwell, Hit Me With Your 80’s Box: Somebody’s Watching Me (Single Version)

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