Spoilercast 32: Paging Doctor #Setlock


Spoilercast 32: Paging Doctor #Setlock

In which episode 1 wraps up quietly and we catch up on the first week of filming for episode 2.

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Cupidford

(SPOILERS below)

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  1. Episode 2 has started, Nick Hurran directing (HLV director) with Neville Kidd DP, Benjamin Caron hints he’ll be joining (episode 3 then?)
  2. Early sightings / last of filming for episode 1
    1. Ben sighted at Welsh assembly on May 2 (set at end of HLV where Mycroft has “other one” convo with sir Edwin), Arwel photographed there but posted on May 6
    2. Bro loc signs spotted but nothing tracked to shooting on May 3
    3. Studio day teased on May 4
    4. Recces at beach on May 5
    5. Claire has early shoot on weekend, May 6
    6. Sarah says costume fittings on May 9 and 12
    7. Recces teasing, including North Gower/Speedy’s and London [1][2][3][4]
    8. Teaser photos from Arwel of skulls and falls [1][2][3] and props crew working
    9. Serbian casting: Aleksandar Mikic as interrogation guard in episode 1
    10. Cooke S5 lenses delivered to Neville Kidd
  3. May 11 readthrough and first page of script
    1. Loo, Rupert, Ben, Amanda, Claire confirmed
    2. Front page of script analyzed [1][2] resulting in twitter blowup by Amanda and subsequent apology
  4. Week 1 of filming starts, Toby Jones confirmed as one of ACD’s “finest villains” and called “chilling” by Beryl
    1. Canon thoughts
      1. Moran
      2. Culverton Smith — Dying Detective (Granada)
      3. Red Headed League — victim was ginger, not baddie John Clay (fourth most clever man in London?)
      4. James Windibank / Baron Adelbert Gruner- ladies men
      5. Hugo Oberstein – Second Stain and Bruce-Partington Plans
  5. Cardiff University Students Union filming [1]
    1. Day 1, May 16
      1. Initial reports of set made up to look like children’s hospital but no photos of set
      2. Lots of sightings [1][2][3][4][5][6]
      3. pilot!Sherlock hair? John hair blonder? [1]
    2. Day 2 at SU, May 17
      1. Chairs removed, get well balloons added
      2. Filming moved to 4th floor to room at end of corridor, but curtain blocks view
      3. Ben in sweats, unconfirmed dressing gown reports, Toby, Amanda, and nurse were spotted (as well as a male actor in scrubs) [1][2][3][4][5]
      4. Sue, Steve, and Mark also on set [1][2]
      5. Martin spotted in the morning and buying records and taking pics with fans midday [1][2] but not in afternoon
      6. Prop signage spotted (2nd floor) – Gedgrave hospital
        1. Psychiatric unit, admissions, cardiac ICU, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, wards 23, 24, 28, 29, patient advice and liaison service, friends of Gedgrave office, main reception
        2. 4 – radiology/ultrasound, burns unit | kingfisher wing, vitreo retinal eme–
        3. 3 – endoscopy, cardiology ECG, urology investigations | ultrasound, clinical tutorial c–, research and development, functional assessment, orthoptics
        4. 2 – electrophysiology
        5. John Gedgrave from Granada Dying Detective (interestingly, John Gedgrave = Frank Carter)
        6. Amanda not on set but went back to Cardiff later in the day, presumably for next day shooting
        7. Unconfirmed/rumor: pregnant brunette 25-40 wanted by Mad Dog Casting
    3. Day 3 at SU
      1. Unconfirmed: silver hair (and possibly bearded) man in scrubs, Mark dressed as Mycroft, Ben in sweats again (4th floor again). Mark spotted later but not in costume.
      2. Amanda tweet of shoes and jeans from trailer, later in different outfit (same as Day 1)
      3. Martin and Ben sightings [1], filming behind curtain in third floor lounge (see reference pics), lines heard but not reported [1].
      4. Y Plas, which is event space, was closed off all day, but unclear if filming took place. Martin spotted exiting there at end of day.
      5. Two of Arwel’s previous tweets of strobe/laser and lamps are apparently from Y Plas [1][2]
      6. Amanda goes back to London.
    4. Rest of the week
      1. May 19:
        1. locations guy Tom Guy tweets disco ball
        2. Arwel & kitchen no 2 [1][2]
      2. May 20
        1. Dragon Studios filming again (probably also the 19th) [1][2][3]
      3. May 21 (weekend) Continuation of shark references from Arwel [1]

[Edit: November 27, 2017] HUGE thank you to Sara_1979 for helping getting this episode back on the air for us, after a host archive snafu.

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