Spoilercast 33: What Happens in the Limo Stays in the Limo


Spoilercast 33: What Happens in the Limo Stays in the Limo

In which we see #setlock, try to observe, but understand very little. Series 4 episode 2, week 2!

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Dixie, Cupidford

(SPOILERS below)

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  1. Monday, May 23
    1. Early day, Amanda shoe selfie and her “appallingly applied” fake tan
    2. Studio day hinted at with Arwel posing in Sherlock’s chair
    3. Neville Kidd tweets slate 100
  2. Miskin day 1 – Tuesday, May 24
    1. Casting: child actors Tyra Powell and Ophelia Nelson have listed Sherlock listed among their credits. Possibly in addition to other child casting, name unknown, who was apparently there at SU last week. That on-set picture was tweeted to Katy Wix, the nurse.
    2. Filming finally sighted in Miskin, including location 2 and the base at a church [1][2][3]
      1. Car chase scene: red Aston Martin followed by two police cars, with helicopter above [1][2][3][4][5][6]
      2. Martin coming around from the side of a “newish” house, about 12 years old, on Windsor Road, where there were several supporting actors dressed as police. One police car parked.
      3. Una Stubbs spotted on set for the scene with Martin, then later at hotel. [1][2]
      4. No pics, but Mark and Amanda reportedly there as well.
      5. Slow acting day for Amanda, at least before the evening [1][2][3]
    3. No confirmation on location 1, but speculation is that it was Miskin Manor Hotel (loc 1 could have been the car scene though, most likely was)
      1. possible match for the location of  Amanda’s picture from earlier and possible match to Arwel’s photo of ep 3 director Benjamin Caron, Mark, Steven, and Sue hard at work.
      2. Miskin Manor has served as Mycroft’s house, Major Sholto’s room, Jonathan Small mayfly man deduction scene (and Sherlock pirouette).
  3. Miskin day 2 – Wednesday, May 25
    1. On set: Martin, Una with handcuffs, Benedict, Amanda [1][2][3][4]
    2. Martin and Amanda in same costumes as hospital, SU days 1 and 3 [1][2]
    3. Ben now has dressing gown (bathrobe) added [1][2][3]
    4. Ankle monitor theory [1][2] based on Vauxhall shot
    5. Filming in Miskin, All Hallows Church (Catholic-base) and Windsor Drive house
      1. Sun lamp [1] and some blackout/controlled lighting [1] early in the day, Martin and Una on set with police car and red Aston Martin [1]
      2. Later on, Ben and Amanda spotted, now with mirror-roofed limo parked in the street [1][2]
      3. Scene: John, Sherlock, and Mrs Hudson at the door of the house along with a supporting actor who looked like perhaps one of Mycroft’s men or a bodyguard. (Better picture of him here.) Sherlock is on the phone at one point, and for some reason Mrs Hudson has gotten ahold of a pair of handcuffs. (More pics here: 1, 2, 3, and 4) At the end of the day, Ben got in a car with Una and an unknown person in a red coat.
    6. Funeral rumors because of the black clothing — Mycroft?
    7. Whose house??
    8. Ambulance spotted at base [1]
    9. Another Amanda shoe selfie, though likely her own and not Mary’s
    10. Moroccolock?? Is setlock moving to Morocco? (Are we subscribing to Casablanca meta? [1][2][3])
    11. Arwel posted his favorite emoji in pillow form.
  4. Miskin day 3 – Thursday, May 26
    1. On set: Benedict, Amanda, Martin, Una [1][2][3][4], Molly double, paramedic, limo driver
    2. Pics of set [1]
    3. Toby Jones at New Theatre in the morning? [1] Speculation that it may be for slate 145, four scenes but may also be Miskin. Toby later spotted on train from Cardiff to London in the evening
    4. Per Ruther’s storify: “Perhaps Mark Gatiss was directing second unit scenes in Cardiff while the main unit was in Miskin: I’m told they also filmed in a Cardiff park today. By mid-morning they were back in Miskin”
    5. Arwel teases hardhats and a paper that says “main water.”
    6. Per a couple of actors on Fb, roles cast for today’s filming included both a paramedic and a chat show host.
    7. Windsor Drive house
      1. Vehicles: limo and Aston Martin [1][2], ambulance after lunch [1][2]
      2. Supporting actor spotted yesterday identified as chauffeur [1][2]
      3. Reported 70s-style decor inside house.
      4. Mystery lady in grey — Harry?
      5. Khorazir’s extensive notes from the set: Molly double knocks on the door of the house, John answers. Sherlock, wearing the dressing gown, thanks her for coming and says he hopes she remembered his coat. He crosses the street to the ambulance. Some time after this, John loudly says, “No, I don’t care,” and Mary says something back to him. The Molly double walks away, and John exits the house followed by Mary. They both walk toward the limo, but only John gets in. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]
      6. Unconfirmed baby heard but not seen
    8. Arwel tweeted a picture of the view from what appears to be the roof of Glaziers Hall, an event space in London.
  5. Miskin day 4 – Friday, May 27
    1. Mark tweets two more “back” photos: Loo and Una
    2. On set: Benedict (later), Martin, Loo (later), Una (later), Amanda [1] Sian?
    3. Morning: indoor filming, possible room at the back of the house [1][2], Martin and Amanda (same costumes), mystery woman [1][2][3] and Sherlock body double
    4. Meanwhile Mark filmed a behind-the-scenes bit [1]
    5. Change of costume for Martin Black shirt, dark jeans, Haversack coat. [1] [2] possibly scene with mystery woman [1]
    6. Filming continues to evening [1][2][3], a repeat of Thursday’s filming but with Loo instead of body double (Limo driver, Loo, Una, Amanda, Ben, Martin, mystery woman, ambulance) [1]
    7. Closer shot of Sherlock’s dressing gown
    8. Video clip: Ben walks in dressing gown to ambulance, Loo walks… (Aston Martin?), long pause, Martin starts to walk to limo but doesn’t quite make it, after chauffeur opens door.
    9. Khorazir’s view of the scene:
      1. Molly at the door, John answers.
      2. John speaks to her & someone in the house, loudly “No, I don’t care [how/now].”
      3. Sherlock comes out, says something to Molly about his coat, crosses the street and into the back of the ambulance, where his coat was placed prior to filming
      4. Molly and John continue to speak, John saying something ~ “two weeks ago,”
      5. Molly heads to the ambulance
      6. John turns and speaks to someone in the doorway, reportedly Mrs Hudson, who says, “Anytime, just ask.”
      7. John exits the house, hesitates, turns and walks back to the door to speak some more to someone inside, then turns again and walks, toward the limo, where the chauffeur is opening the door for him
      8. John’s demeanor is tense, hand-clenching
  6. Other setlock news
    1. North Gower Street parking suspensions for June 11-13
    2. Jeremy DeCoursey (locations) no longer working on Sherlock

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