Spoilercast 35: The Lady in Red is #Setlocking with Me


Spoilercast 35: The Lady in Red is #Setlocking with Me

In which episode 2 filming wraps up at long last and we have a hell of a week in London.

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Cupidford

(SPOILERS below)

Links in the show:

  1. North Gower Street night filming, Sunday, June 12
    1. NGS setup [1][2][3][4][5][6][7], spotlights [1][2], crane [1], props [1][2][3]. Realsfx on site [1]
    2. Rachel doppelganger spotted? Apparently was in Cardiff watching concert.
    3. On set: Ben, Martin, Amanda, Una, Mark not in costume. Also: Steve, Sue, Reetu. Press event earlier in the day [1][2] Interviews [1]. Episodes 2 and 3 directors Nick Hurran and Ben Caron spotted [1][2][3].
    4. Tunnel car [1][2]
    5. Summary of shots:
      1. Unknown:
        1. Hurran slate, scene 145: John on phone exits 221B, Hudders comes out and calls after him. He turns around, she throws something (keys?) to him, he hurries down the street. [1][2][3]
        2. At Stephenson Way [1]. Filming inside vehicles? Black Jag, cab, police bike. [1] Jag leaves, followed by cab. [1] Martin, Amanda both there [1], with Ben or double showing up later. [1][2]
        3. John exiting Jaguar, walks into 221b (guarded by a goon) [1][2]
        4. Bus [1][2], same bus as Kennington bus on June 17
      2. Episode 2:
        1. SAs in rain [1]
        2. Lady in Red exits 221B first [1], Sherlock follows and they walk in rain [1][2][3]
      3. Episode 3: (Peckham Poisoner prop [1])
        1. Half dozen extras ducking, flee away from 221B/Speedy’s [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
  2. Byng Street/Malet Street/Gordon Square, Monday, June 13
    1. Another night shoot, in front of UCL/church, promised to go through 3am. Same day as episode 3 reading? [1] Amanda tease in reply to Loo [1]
    2. Set: Bus stop set up [1][2], Realsfx on site [1]. Drone use (or quad/quadcopter, per mid0nz) [1][2]. Set report [1]. Reports of crew on rooftop but probably to place drone [1][2]. Wet the ground but no rain machine [1]. Unconfirmed report of red car [1][2]
    3. On set: Ben, Sian, Sian double [1][2] who’s never heard from again. Mark not in costume? [1][2][3][4]
    4. Action:
      1. Sherlock and Sian eating fish and chips scene at bus stop [1][2][3][4][5]. Drone action. Some shots reshot without Sian [1][2][3]. Sherlock holding paper. [1][2]
      2. No bus on set(?) but taxi spotted [1]. Sherlock crumbles up paper, smells it [1][2][3][4][5]
      3. Church importance? [1]
    5. Endsleigh Place, around the corner
      1. Episode1!Molly spotted, photograph emerges day after. [1] Watsons’ door spotted [1][2]
  3. Overnight at Jubilee Gardens, Hungerford bridge, South Bank, Tuesday, June 14 (through Wednesday morning 8am)
    1. Set: footbridge running along western side of Hungerford Bridge [1][2][3][4][5][6], seen before in TBB [1]
    2. On set: Ben [1][2], Sian [1][2][3][4], Mark not in costume [1][2], sailor?-debunked [1]
    3. Action:
      1. Bridge scene: walking along [1], Sherlock stops and look at something on the ground [1], holds stomach, groans in pain, possibly pockets something [1][2], they keep walking [1]. Sometimes since there’s a clatter but sometimes no [1].
      2. Jubilee Gardens scene [1][2][3]: sitting on prop park bench near railing overlooking water [1][2], long talk and then Sherlock gets up and goes to railing [1][2], falls to ground and yells in pain [1][2]. Filmed from several angles, including sometimes with green screen [1][2][3]. Sian walks away. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. Report that item thrown into water is a gun [1][2]. May have been given to him by Sian from inside bag [1]. Sherlock walks away, saying something over shoulder [1]. Limping after the toss/fall [1]
        1. Mid0nz camera analysis [1]
        2. Set reports [1][2]
    4. Rachel also filming [1]. Possible she’s with Amanda? [1][2] But Amanda says no filming today [1]
  4. June 15 and 16, Wednesday-Thursday, identical shoots at Riverside House [1]
    1. Continuation of MP scene that was in middle of street at Mount Stuart Square (Cardiff) with several people with IV bags around a table [1]. SAs matched [1][2].
    2. On set: Sian in floral dress and cane [1][2][3], Culverton Smith/Toby? [1][2], nurses [1][2][3], patients with IV bags. Possibly John? Or Nick Hurran?
    3. Set report [1]. Beds, table spotted [1]. Whole top floor used [1][2][3].
    4. Action: Sian, Culverton Smith, and others are sitting around a table [1]. Nurses bring in IV bags to them [1], wearing masks [1]. Sherlock not there [1].
      1. Flashes reported [1] from left room [1][2]. Distinct red lighting in middle room [1][2]
    5. June 16, Sue tweets for setlockers to go home because of the rain, says Ben and Martin aren’t there [1] but Ben was spotted and Claire implies Ben’s there when she leaves and leaves curls to her assistant [1]. But is Ben really there? [1]
  5. June 16, Thursday, (location 1?) at Kennington/Oasis College [1]
    1. Episode 1 pickup with Rachel [1], scenes 98-99 [1][2], x2087? [1]
    2. On set: Martin, female SA with two costumes [1][2], Mark not in costume [1]
    3. Action:
      1. Scene A: Martin at bus stop in Haversack
        1. Bus stop with Culverton Smith “Business Killer” advertisement [1][2][3][4]
        2. boards bus with strawb fizz ad, sits on second level [1]
        3. Red awning building on Kennington [1][2], John looks at something in his hand, hesitates, checks watch? [1], drops it in bin [1][2][3][4].
        4. John costume may be same as Bonnington Square, but with brown briefcase [1]
      2. Scene B: Martin change of costume: untucked shirt, long blue coat
        1. on same strawb fizz bus [1][2][3][4][5][6]
        2. SA in yellow maxi [1]
        3. Martin sitting at bus stop with yellow maxi SA [1][2], filming inside bus [1], bus moving [1]
      3. Scene C: Martin back in Haversack [1][2][3]
        1. This time seated on lower level of the bus in a side-facing seat, and after a couple takes, they reportedly moved the camera next to him to film more from his point of view, aimed toward the woman in the striped skirt who was sitting a bit farther back.
    4. Nic Pringle 3am at Royal Festival Hall? [1] Arwel cow tweet at Waterloo station [1][2]
  6. Other
    1. Casting false alarm: Dave O’Mahony was at read-through for ep3 [1] but not part of cast [1]
    2. Episode 1 casting: Sacha Dhawan playing AJ [1]
    3. Sharon Ballard filmed her scene with Rupert in Cardiff before London shooting [1]
    4. Episode 3 recce in Wales [1]
  7. Canon ideas
    1. Dying Detective
      1. Granada adaptation: Victor’s wife and Holmes’ client
    2. Four Violets [1]
      1. Violet Hunter, Copper Beeches
        1. Watson ships her and Holmes? 
      2. Violet Smith, Solitary Cyclist
      3. Violet de Merville, Illustrious Client
        1. Baron Gruner’s intended victim
      4. Violet Westbury, Bruce-Partington
        1. Most minor Violet, was turned into Lucy Harrison in TGG
    3. Thor Bridge [1]

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