New audio archive: The Casefiles

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The Three Patch Podcast is happy to announce the release of The Three Patch Podcast Casefiles, our new audio archive of interviews, discussions, and longer segments from the past 51 episodes of TPP. It’s wide open for anyone to dig through and discover or revisit what fans have thought and said on a wide range of topics. At almost 200 clips, there is plenty to listen to and share!

Three Patch has been around for a while, and we’ve hosted some pretty awesome fans and discussions over the years. Like our first interview with a fan creator, the author Ivyblossom, a fantastic discussion on Race in Sherlock (before series 3), and all of the character analysis in the Sorting Sherlock segments. And tonnes of hot fandom stuff, like the Omegaverse roundtable I and II, the Sexy Headcanon live panel from Gridlock, and an absurd crack offering of an Anderson/Dinosaur fic. We’ve also talked with fanartists like Reapersun, studied fanfics like Scandalized by 221beemine, broadcast opinions and feelings on controversial topics, like Baby Watson and TJLC, and dug into problems with how fandom is portrayed in the media.

Also keep an eye (or ear) on our main podcast feed, as we rerelease topical favourites between setlock (covered by Spoilercast) and the arrival of series 4.

Please respect all participants of these podcast segments and keep in mind when they were recorded. Some are from last month, but others are from 2013 and there have been a lot of changes in canon and fandom since then.

(Psst! Have you ever been on three patch and forgotten what you said? The fandom names of contributors are also listed in the casefile tags, and you can track yourself down too. If the record gives you ~feelings~, you are welcome to leave a comment on the file or contact TPP: