Spoilercast 38: #Setlock, I Am Your Father


Spoilercast 38: #Setlock, I Am Your Father

Filming has wrapped, but special guest, storifier extraordinaire, and inventor of #setlock Ruther2 joins us to recap the quiet wind-down of setlock series 4.

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Dixie, and Ruther2

(SPOILERS below)

Links in the show:

  1. Ruther2 on Twitter and Storify
  2. Spotlight
  3. Episode 1
    1. Bridesmaids from TSOT [1] at episode 1 Christening [1]
    2. Happy Families card game [1]
  4. Episode 3
    1. BFI Q&A after A Scandal in Belgravia screening [1]
    2. Production assistant on plane wing [1]
    3. Little girl on plane, Honor Kneafsy [1][2]

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Show Intro/Outro – Rockwell, Hit Me With Your 80’s Box: Somebody’s Watching Me (Single Version)

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