Fandom and Sexuality Survey!

There is a lot of sexual content in fandom, and many ways to take it. The Three Patch Podcast is looking to understand more about the how and why of fandom and sex with our Fandom and Sexuality Survey.

This survey collects information about:

  • Demographics like sexual orientation and
  • Fandom life like what people make and how they feel about shipping
  • Sex life details like masturbation habits (we love masturbation)
  • How fans experience sexually explicit fanworks
  • How fanworks have affect what they do (in bed)

The survey is anonymous, and takes 30 minutes to complete. It consisting mostly of multiple choice questions. It is designed to be sex positive and inclusive of fans who are not sexually active.

If you are a fan over the age of 18, go ahead and fill it out at It’s open until September 21st, 2016.

The Three Patch Podcast will be sharing the results after October 1st, with many more intricate analyses to follow.