Spoilercast 41: Happily Ever Johnlock: or, the Real Adventure is the Dick Jokes We Make Along the Way


Spoilercast 41: Happily Ever Johnlock: or, the Real Adventure is the Dick Jokes We Make Along the Way

Caroline sits down with three TJLC-ers for setlock spoilers, speculation, and shipping.

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Valerie cloakstone69, Leslie thesetison, Heimishtheidealhusband

(SPOILERS below)

Links in the show:

  1. John’s character arc: conventional vs. adventurous life
    1. John’s darkest secret and trailer #2, “darkest secrets”
    2. One Show clip with Amanda
    3. Radio Times “with that cliffhanger ending to contend with”
    4. Track titles for episodes 1-2
    5. waitingforgarridebs meta on Three Garridebs [1][2]
  2. Sherlock’s character arc: great to good, humanization
    1. Guardian Guide: less-of-a-dick Sherlock
    2. Colbert Late Show clip with Martin [1][2]
  3. Solving the Final Problem
    1. Wellthengameover meta
  4. Heteronormativity (fuck it)
    1. Heimishtheidealhusband 1895 subtext explanation
    2. The Power to Change 1895 billboard from HLV
    3. Subversive promo materials
      1. Telegraph birth announcement
      2. HQ character photos
      3. Loo Brealey’s fake baby instagram photo
      4. Inevitably-johnlocked newborn/family photography meta
      5. Mary’s white presumed Christening outfit vs. Kate Middleton’s
      6. Sherlock promo photo on Vauxhall bridge
  5. Meta and imagery from outside sources
    1. Water as a returning theme
      1. Skulls-and-tea drink code
        1. Teagate 2k14
      2. Water is gay
        1. Thepineapplering metas masterpost
        2. Heimishtheidealhusband “water is gay” tag
        3. Setlock s4 recap:
          1. 221B flooding promo photo
          2. John in a well
          3. Reichenbach
          4. Water-related setlock: Island/cave/aquarium sets [1][2][3][4][5], boats and fishermen [1][2][3][4][5]
      3. Thefinalproblem “Waters Gang” tag (Valley of Fear, Mary as Birdy Edwards meta)
    2. Cloakstone69 Christian symbolism
    3. Skulls-and-tea Sherlock goes blind meta [1][2]
    4. Wellthengameover Rumpelstiltskin meta
    5. Siezlock and Spanish translation question
    6. The Princess Bride-lock
      1. Incurablylazydevil Princess Bride parallels [1][2]
      2. Moffat’s favorite book
  6.  Mary and the baby
    1. Dark Mary promo photos [1][2][3][4][5][6], Mary in white
    2. Mary in Morocco, or Agra, India? Home ofTaj Mahal
    3. Weeesi “Rosamund Marriott Watson” tag
    4. OOC promo clip
  7. Wholock
    1. Sherlock/Doctor Who parallels masterpost
    2. Vastra/Jenny and Sherlock/John parallels
    3. Sonnet 59 [1][2]
    4. Promos and trolling by TPTB
      1. Moffat and Gatiss Tumblr Q&A
        1. Q&A on elephants
        2. Q&A on mirrors
      2. Whatsapp retweeted by Arwel and Louis Moffat
  8. Episode-specific speculation
    1. Three Garridebs moment
      1. Heimishtheidealhusband “quick man if you love me” meta
      2. Amy Saunders played by Samantha Hunt in The Lying Detective
      3. “Gunshot” track in The Six Thatchers
    2. Culverton Smith confession
      1. Heimishtheidealhusband “quick man if you love me” meta
    3. First week of filming promo video with Mark
      1. John’s alibi – The Six Thatchers car crash?
    4. Filmflixer locations article
    5. Plaid is bisexual

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  • Show Intro/Outro – Rockwell, Hit Me With Your 80’s Box: Somebody’s Watching Me (Single Version)

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