WE CAN BE HEROES: Preorder our Bowie!lock shirt before 3/19 and support TPP

“I found out David Bowie likes [BBC’s “Sherlock”] today. He’s obsessed with it. That is f***ing cool.” – Benedict Cumberbatch in The Sunday Times (January 1, 2012)

The “We Can Be Heroes” shirt is both a nod to the Sherlock series and an homage to David Bowie, who passed just a little over a year ago. Rest in Power.

100% of presale profits will support Three Patch Podcast’s refreshments, giveaways, and decorations at 221b Con 2017.

Presale ends 3/19/17! 221b Con attendees can pick up preordered shirts at Fox Estacado’s table in the vendor room.

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Closeup of the art:

Other cuts also available: