Fic Recs Masterpost: Revamped and updated!

Three Patch Podcast’s spreadsheet of fic recs (fanfic++) is revamped and updated, thanks 100% to MVP Cookie! Spreadsheet geeks and fic lovers rejoice, because there are over 800+ recs from over 4 years of BBC Sherlock podcasting for you to peruse, organized, color coded, and extensively linked. Sherlock’s sock index would be proud.
View the spreadsheet here.

Instructions on how to create a temporary filter so that you can sort the spreadsheet as you would like:

  1. Click on the Filter icon to click down the menu.
  2. Select Create new temporary filter view.
  3. Filter how you like by clicking the down arrow of the column you want to sort by. Sort A->Z or Z-A to sort by alphabet, type a search term into the search field, check and uncheck options below that, or do some or all of the above. Click OK.