Episode 95: Ace August

Episode 95 banner art

Episode 95: Ace August

All about asexual characters and relationships! We look at ace-spectrum interpretations of Sherlock and Doctor Who, talk with fic authors about writing ace stories, and squee about Good Omens!

Segment timestamps:

0:00:25 – Host Opening
0:28:02 – Asexuality Throwback and Roundtable
1:02:52 – Top Ten Ace Characters in Fiction
1:03:35 – Good Omens RT
1:35:47 – Top Ten Sherlock Characters’ Favorite Good Omens Moments
1:37:02 – FOI: Doctor Who
1:52:40 – Consulting Writers
2:28:44 – Top Ten Reasons Sherlock Holmes Liked Good Omens
2:29:54 – That’s My Division
2:41:45 – Post Mortem

Host Opening (0:00:25)
Consulting Fans: Johnlocked, Hope, Finn
Editor: Johnlocked

Asexuality throwback and roundtable (0:28:02)
Consulting Fans: B, Hope, Ari
Producer: Hope, Editor: Emma

Consulting fans look back at the Asexuality roundtable from Episode 11 and talk about what has changed and what stayed the same in terms of ace interpretations of Sherlock.

Our Top Ten Ace Characters in Fiction (1:02:52)
Contributed by: Johnlocked, TPP Consulting Fans
Read by: Science

Good Omens RT: The Expansive Queerness of Good Omens (1:03:35)
Consulting Fans: Sunday, B, Finn, Science, Johnlocked
Producers: Johnlocked & Finn; Editor: SundayDuck

We discuss how Amazon Prime’s recent adaptation of Good Omens is a wonderful example of expansive queer representation, particulary of asexual characters and relationships and of transgender/gender non-conforming characters.

Art recs

Fic recs

Sherlock Characters’ Top Ten Favorite Moments From the Good Omens Screen Adaptation (1:35:47)
Contributed by: hpswl-cumbercookie, Vulgarweed, Vex, Science
Read by: Science

FOI: Doctor Who (1:37:02)
Consulting Fans: Hope, Vex, Merinda, Cookie
Producer: Cookie; Editors: Johnlocked & DrinkingCocoa

Consulting fans talk about why they love Doctor Who, and why you should, too!

Consulting Writers: Writing Ace Characters (1:52:40)
Consulting Fans: Emma, lijavi/guanin, Iwanthtatcoat
Producer/Editor: Emma

Writers talk about how being on the ace spectrum affects their writing and participation in fandom.

Top Ten Reasons Sherlock Holmes Likes Good Omens (2:28:44)
Contributed by: Vulgarweed, Amy the Elder, Science
Read by: Science

That’s My Division (2:29:54)
Consulting Fans : Alexxphoenix42, dmellieon, iwantthatcoat, HPswl_cumbercookie
Producer/Editor: Alexx

Our fic recs this month explore orientations like asexual, demisexual, and homo-romantic, with a few bromance stories thrown in for good measure.





Post Mortem (2:41:45)
Consulting Fans: Johnlocked, Finn, Hope
Editor: Johnlocked


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  • Show Intro – David Arnold and Michael Price, Sherlock: Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series One: Opening Titles
  • Asexuality Throwback Roundtable  – Cheryl, Only Human: Throwback
  • Good Omens RT – David Arnold, Good Omens Original Television Soundtrack: Opening Title; Tori Amos, Good Omens Original Television Soundtrack: A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
  • FOI: Doctor Who – David Arnold and Michael Price, Sherlock: Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series One: Back to Work; Segun Akinola, Doctor Who Series 11 Original Television Soundtrack: Opening Titles
  • Consulting Writers – Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Punch the Clock: Every Day I Write the Book
  • That’s My Division – John Coltrane, My Favorite Things [Deluxe Edition]: My Favorite Things, Part 1
  • Show Outro – Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever [The Original Movie Soundtrack]: Stayin’ Alive

Production Credits
Episode Producers: Emma Grant and Hope
Episode Banner Artist: Fox Estacado
Episode Audio Editor: Finn Again
Distribution funded by Fans!

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