Spoiler Policy

The Three Patch Podcast Spoiler Policy will be in effect from the time that filming begins on the Sherlock BBC Special until its airing. During this time, TPP will not be posting or discussing spoilers on the podcast or on our various social media presences. For the purposes of this policy the term “spoilers” means any details about the plot, casting, set, or other elements of Series 3 that have not been announced officially from the BBC.

If you don’t mind being spoiled and want to hear the latest spoilery news from the TPP consulting fans, you can listen to our subcast Spoilercast, which contains gossip, #setlock and #ShSpesh info and much more. Be  sure to follow the Spoilercast Tumblr and check out posts tagged Spoilercast.

Finally, to help our spoiler-free cast members remain unspoiled, we ask that if you email TPP with comments, questions or tips about spoilers for the special Spoilercast subcast  that you include SPOILER in the subject header.