Extended cut

Extended cuts of roundtables, interviews, and other podcast segments.

Episode 56A: Fandom & Sexuality Survey Report – Extended Cut

In which we share the extended cut of finnagain, Smirk, and SundayDuck’s discussion of the Fandom and Sexuality Survey, moving from what the responses say about our fandom to how we can relate to characters in the heat of the moment and the insights we take from the sexually explicit fanworks we consume.

Episode 54A: Coping with New Canon – Extended Cut

In this extended cut roundtable from our Potterlockober episode, consulting fans delve into the ways they’ve coped with new canon in both the context of BBC Sherlock, as well as Cursed Child and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them in the Harry Potter fandom. Contains spoiled discussions of Cursed Child.

Episode 48A: Fandom Life & Public Identity – Extended cut

The full roundtable on Fandom Life and Public Identity with consulting fans Chelsea, Leanne, Lilo, Songlin, and finnagain. We talk about why we connect or isolate our fandom lives from “real” life, how we do this online and in person, the stigma of being a fan and a fangirl, and whether we’d want to be more open if other communities were less prudish.