We want to hear from you!

Of course, we’re always asking for comments and feedback about our episodes, individual segments, whatever tickles your fancy to reach out to us about. But if you’re looking for something specific to write us about, we actually do have a few ideas! These are the segments we are actively seeking input on.

  • Consulting Writer: consult one of the many fanfic and pro writers at our disposal in this writerly Dear Abby advice column.
  • The Geek Interpreter: an open ended study in fandom, with a look at how fandom and real life interact and how we’ve gotten to the fandom we know now.
  • A Study in Fanfic: in which we select and discuss a work of fanfic – sort of like a book club, but with an eye toward the larger issues it addresses in fandom. Listeners are invited to join the online discussion on our LiveJournal

And then of course you could always

  • Propose a segment or interview subject, if the above didn’t suit your fancy.
  • Suggest an episode theme generally. hey, we’ve had crazier ideas, most likely. Give it a shot!

How to Contact Us

To submit a question, comment, or other feedback for the Consulting Fans who produce The Three Patch Podcast email bored@three-patch.com.

You can also leave comments for the Consulting Fans at our various social media outlets:

You can also leave us a voicemail on Skype. We are username threepatch.podcast. Or use the button below.

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A note about attribution, anonymity, and confidentiality: When corresponding with Three Patch Podcast via the channels on this page, if you do not want the content of your communication read during an episode or would not like it to be attributed to you, please indicate your wishes clearly as part of your communication.