Listener Survey Results


Through June 2015, the Three Patch Podcast collected information on who our listeners were, what they did in fandom, and what they liked or didn’t about the podcast. All the feedback was very inspiring and we were surprised by a number of things.

Write ups of the results were posted on tumblr, covering Demographics (along with some comparisons to the AO3 census and the UK general population) and Fandom Life, like what do people create, where do they connect with other fans, etc. We have also incorporated a number of suggestions for content and improvements on the show.

Also, if you were wondering, %50 of respondents (no matter their identities) were willing to shave for Sherlock Holmes, and just as many are convinced that he wears boxer-briefs. As to who buys the milk for 221b, they said

  • 42% Mrs Hudson
  • 23% John
  • 8.5% Sherlock
  • 5.4% Intern Kevin
  • 5% Mycroft
  • 3.5% Bluebell, the glowing lab rabbit