Episode 61A: Under the Microscope: “I Love You” – Extended Cut

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Episode 61A: Under the Microscope: “I Love You” – Extended Cut

Postby Caroline » March 3rd, 2017, 1:55 pm

Download or stream here!

The extended cut version of our panel discussion about the “I love you” scene in The Final Problem.

Artwork as always by Fox Estacado. <3
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Re: Episode 61A: Under the Microscope: “I Love You” – Extended Cut

Postby Alessnox » March 4th, 2017, 5:27 am

Lovely. It makes more sense when you hear the context of the arguments that were cut down. Thanks for a fun panel.

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Re: Episode 61A: Under the Microscope: “I Love You” – Extended Cut

Postby Always1895 » March 20th, 2017, 3:12 am

You know what, I've never been able to see Sherlolly in the show until right now, whilst listening to this extended cut (I've just paused it to write this). I've always thought Molly's romantic love for Sherlock was one-sided, never to be reciprocated. For some reason I never saw Molly as the right person for Sherlock. In fact I haven't really seen any Sherlock-ship as canon; I don't believe that Sherlock has had any romantic feelings for any of the characters on the show. He has an intense affinity with John, but despite my own wishful thinking I don't think there's an erotic attraction on either side. I've always been a Johnlocker in my consumption of fanworks (it's the only ship that gives me feels!) but even after delving heavily into tjlc, I was fairly sure that's not what TPTB were showing us. I really have to wear rose-tinted shipper goggles to see a Johnlock arc in the show, especially since S4. It would be fantastic if there was a S5 that did go in that direction, but for now I'm pretty sure they're BFFs. However, listening to you guys analyse the "I love you" scene in TFP is making the wheels in my brain turn, and I can actually see a potential relationship with Molly, now that Sherlock is more open to his emotions. Molly sees through Sherlock's bullshit, she stands up to him and makes him see things that he's unable/unwilling to see (ie. his own and other's feelings!) and she's actually very mature in her love for him. Sherlock is obviously very fond of her, he trusts and respects her, and they have shared some very close moments. I think it was Emceefrodis who said that a "shoe has to drop" in the Sherlock-Molly relationship, and I agree. I'd love to see this ship go forward.
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