Episode 57: Thatcher

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Episode 57: Thatcher

Postby Caroline » January 4th, 2017, 8:06 am

Stream or download here!

First reactions from watching Sherlock series 4, episode 1: The Six Thatchers.
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Re: Episode 57: Thatcher

Postby SarahTheCoat » January 20th, 2017, 10:05 pm

wow, where is everyone?
I finally had time to listen to the podcast today. it was interesting coming back to a first-reactions, after already reading SO MUCH meta on tumblr. But I do remember my own first reaction, which was that the whole episode felt like Anderson's "explanation" for the fall at the beginning of TEH. Just a bit off, exaggerated/unreal heroics that.... ended up not actually being heroic?
I absolutely do not for one minute buy into the "rebooted Mary", and if Moffat and Gatiss expect me to, then out the window goes all their stuff about wanting their audience to be smart and not just expect warm paste. That was warm paste Mary, and I have no idea why they spent an entire episode on it. My first reaction was, never going to waste 90 minutes watching that again. But.... then I remembered that there were scenes that Mary wasn't in, and I remembered that she's basically a distraction/obstacle, so I did go back and watch again, with a mind to pay attention to whatever it seemed like she was trying to distract me FROM. Then it felt like a different episode. Still not convinced I need to own it on dvd though.

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