Forum rules *READ THIS*

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Forum rules *READ THIS*

Postby Caroline » January 3rd, 2016, 11:00 pm

For the full text of the terms of use of the Three Patch website, click here. By using these forums, you agree to abide by these terms. For some specifics about what behavior and enforcement you can expect, read on.

Do not break the law. Do not be a dick.
Violation of these rules may result in banning.
  • Threats of harm, doxxing, violence, etc. will not be tolerated.
  • No hate speech.
  • Do not post illegal content. This includes links and hotlinking to file-sharing, gambling, torrent, warez, etc.
  • NO WANK. That means being civil. Do not police how other people fandom. Do not shame people. Not for their fannishness, sexuality, ships, kinks, or anything else.
  • Revealing personal information about actors and other public figures will also be treated as doxxing. Do not do it.
  • Criticism of an episode, show, film, actor, an actor's performance, or character is allowed but must remain within the confines of decency. Ad-hominem attacks will be considered wank. Actors, directors and other performers/celebrities must be treated with the same respect as other users on the message boards. Offending messages may be edited or deleted without warning.

To report offending content, you can click the "Report this post" link (exclamation mark) on the post to flag it for an administrator, or email us at

Our enforcement policy is three strikes and you're out. You will receive two warnings, and upon your third offense, you will be banned.

Okay. What else?
Below you’ll find community standards and etiquette -- house rules you should familiarize yourself with.
Our BBC Sherlock spoiler policy
  • Anything that was released through the BBC or Hartswood is fair game. So setlock pictures, information about set, location, costume and casting spoilers, canon references, speculation -- keep mentions and discussion of these to the spoilers forum.
  • If in doubt, use the spoiler BBcode (found above the posting window).
And for your general information:
  • Use a meaningful title for your thread. Treat it like an email you want someone to read.
  • Stay on topic, unless the thread is specifically open ended.
  • Use plain text over HTML if you want your post to be readable by everyone.
  • Do not double post (post the same message twice in one thread) or cross post (place the same message across several forums).
  • Do not post any information that you want private. Be very careful about sharing personal, identifiable information.

So what should I do?
  • Squee shamelessly! Speculate enthusiastically. Critique and vent. Share fandom love.
  • Promote your fannish projects, whether they be research papers or art challenges and fic bangs.
  • Find fellow fans to befriend, and conventions and meetups to attend.
  • Continue off-topic conversations in other threads.
  • Ask questions. Report posts. Get in touch with an administrator. Email us at
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Re: Forum rules *READ THIS*

Postby SarahTheCoat » December 16th, 2016, 10:47 pm

not sure if this is the right place to say so, but I notice two new threads in this forum that are pretty obviously from a spammer. Not gonna give them the satisfaction of clicking on them. :) but thought a mod might want to take care of it.

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Re: Forum rules *READ THIS*

Postby Alessnox » February 5th, 2017, 6:16 pm

There is a spam post in off topic now.

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