Episode 65: SherlockedUSA Con Roundup

Three Patch Podcast Episode 65: SherlockedUSA Con Roundup. In this special episode, Fox Estacado and Chelsea report on the squee and shenanigans at the first official SherlockedUSA Con.

Episode 64A: Fans Over 40 – Extended Cut

Three Patch Podcast Episode 64A: Fans Over 40 – Extended Cut. The extended cut roundtable discussion of contributors and their experiences of being older adults in fandom.

Episode 64: When I’m 64

Three Patch Podcast Episode 64: When I’m 64. In which we celebrate the effects of the passage of time on Sherlock Holmes (and on Sherlock fans as well)! We’ll explore Retirementlock, discover what it’s like to be a fan over 40 and learn how to age gracefully from badass Mrs. Hudson!

Episode 63: Con Drop

Three Patch Podcast Episode 63: Con Drop. In which we try to cure our con drop by remembering the fun we had in Atlanta with a Cro-wedding, recordings of panels, top tens, and recs to cheer us up.