#TPPSuite2017 schedule for 221B Con in Atlanta

Our #TPPSuite2017 schedule is here, and we can’t wait to see you this weekend at 221B Con! Here’s our schedule in several digestible formats: downloadable images, a Google spreadsheet, PDF, and tumblr post.

Episode 62: The Meme-ry Palace

Episode 62: The Meme-ry Palace. In our annual homage to crack, it’s memes all the way down. We ship Shermit, interview Cro-Babies, put on a sorting hat of memes, talk to fanvidders, and drunkenly retell the Dying Detective.

Episode 61C: Johnlocker Heartbreak – Extended Cut

The extended cut version of the Johnlocker Heartbreak panel that aired in episode 61: Emotional Context. Featuring analysis and assessment from fans who expected or hoped for Sherlock and John to become romantically involved in S4.

Fic Recs Masterpost: Revamped and updated!

Three Patch Podcast’s spreadsheet of fic recs (fanfic++) is revamped and updated, thanks 100% to MVP Cookie! Spreadsheet geeks and fic lovers rejoice, because there are over 800+ recs from over 4 years of BBC Sherlock podcasting for you to peruse, organized, color coded, and extensively linked. Sherlock’s sock index would be proud. Spreadsheet and instructions how to use it within.