WE CAN BE HEROES: Preorder our Bowie!lock shirt before 3/19 and support TPP

The “We Can Be Heroes” shirt is both a nod to the Sherlock series and an homage to David Bowie, who passed just a little over a year ago. Rest in Power. 100% of presale profits will support Three Patch Podcast’s refreshments, giveaways, and decorations at 221b Con 2017.

Presale ends 3/19/17! 221b Con attendees can pick up preordered shirts at Fox Estacado’s table in the vendor room.

Episode 61B: Geek Interpreter on Queerbaiting and Transformative Fandom – Extended Cut

The extended cut version of the Geek Interpreter panel aired in Episode 61: Emotional Context. Fan studies academics Dr. Joseph Brennan, Dr. Lori Morimoto, and Hannah Mueller join consulting fan finnagain to discuss the concept of queerbaiting, its relevance to transformative fandom, how it can come up in fan/creator interactions, and factors in and around the source media that affect that conversation.

Episode 61: Emotional Context

Episode 61: Emotional Context. In which we discuss a range of emotional reactions to our post-Sherlock series 4 world: activism, heartbreak, meta analysis, and more.