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The Three Patch Podcast

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Dedicated to the fandom culture, social issues, creative works and analysis inspired by and related to the BBC Sherlock series.

Episodes are usually 1.5 to 3.5 hours long and are released the first day of every month, except our January episodes which appear on the 6th for Sherlock’s birthday.

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An outgrowth of our voracious thirst for spoilers, speculation, and setlock squee. In each episode, consulting fans highlight filming spoilers, speculation and meta, and more, having to do with BBC Sherlock filming.

Publishes seasonally as spoilers come out and we have time to put together discussions. Episodes tend to be the length of one roundtable conversation, approximately 1 hour.

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Interested in listening to a single segment? Check out the Three Patch Podcast audio archive, with stand-alone segments from the main podcast going back to episode 1. Catch a favourite fanartist interview, or our heady reactions to series 3, or discussions of John Watson’s character in the Casefiles by searching the site or perusing the segment categories or scrolling through the tags.