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The Three Patch Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the fandom culture, social issues, creative works and analysis inspired by and related to the BBC Sherlock series.

Episodes are usually 1.5 to 3.5 hours long and are released the first day of every month, except our January episodes which appear on the 6th for Sherlock’s birthday.

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  • Episode 63: Con Drop (May 1, 2017) Three Patch Podcast Episode 63: Con Drop. In which we try to cure our con drop by remembering the fun we had in Atlanta with a Cro-wedding, recordings of panels, top tens, and recs to cheer us up.
  • Episode 62: The Meme-ry Palace (April 1, 2017) Episode 62: The Meme-ry Palace. In our annual homage to crack, it's memes all the way down. We ship Shermit, interview Cro-Babies, put on a sorting hat of memes, talk to fanvidders, and drunkenly retell the Dying Detective.
  • Episode 61C: Johnlocker Heartbreak – Extended Cut (March 17, 2017) The extended cut version of the Johnlocker Heartbreak panel that aired in episode 61: Emotional Context. Featuring analysis and assessment from fans who expected or hoped for Sherlock and John to become romantically involved in S4.
  • Episode 61B: Geek Interpreter on Queerbaiting and Transformative Fandom – Extended Cut (March 5, 2017) The extended cut version of the Geek Interpreter panel aired in Episode 61: Emotional Context. Fan studies academics Dr. Joseph Brennan, Dr. Lori Morimoto, and Hannah Mueller join consulting fan finnagain to discuss the concept of queerbaiting, its relevance to transformative fandom, how it can come up in fan/creator interactions, and factors in and around the source media that affect that conversation.
  • Episode 61A: Under the Microscope: “I Love You” – Extended Cut (March 2, 2017) Episode 61A: The extended cut version of our panel discussion about the "I love you" scene in The Final Problem.
  • Episode 61: Emotional Context (March 1, 2017) Episode 61: Emotional Context. In which we discuss a range of emotional reactions to our post-Sherlock series 4 world: activism, heartbreak, meta analysis, and more.
  • Episode 60A: Series 4 Reaction Roundtable – Extended Cut (February 8, 2017) The extended cut of the our conversation about our series 4 reactions.
  • Episode 60: It Is What It Is (February 1, 2017) Episode 60: It Is What It Is - In which we talk series 4: meta, shipping, writing, reccing, top tens, and more.
  • Episode 59: Sherrinford (January 16, 2017) First reactions from watching Sherlock series 4, episode 3: The Final Problem, with Caroline, B, Alexxphoenix42, Vex, and Justacookieofacumberbatch.
  • Episode 58: Smith (January 9, 2017) First reactions from watching Sherlock series 4, episode 2: The Lying Detective.
  • Episode 57: Thatcher (January 2, 2017) First reactions from watching Sherlock series 4, episode 1: The Six Thatchers.
  • Episode 56A: Fandom & Sexuality Survey Report – Extended Cut (December 4, 2016) In which we share the extended cut of finnagain, Smirk, and SundayDuck's discussion of the Fandom and Sexuality Survey, moving from what the responses say about our fandom to how we can relate to characters in the heat of the moment and the insights we take from the sexually explicit fanworks we consume.
  • Episode 56: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (December 1, 2016) In which we try to survive the final month of hiatus with Benedict Cumberbatch, Sheriarty, some panels from Sherlock Seattle, a chat with Carnation Books, and more.
  • Episode 55: Diving Into the Deep End (November 1, 2016) In which we talk sports AUs, with a special nod to Balletlock/Rugby!John, and share some Sherlock Seattle love.
  • Episode 54A: Coping with New Canon – Extended Cut (October 10, 2016) In this extended cut roundtable from our Potterlockober episode, consulting fans delve into the ways they've coped with new canon in both the context of BBC Sherlock, as well as Cursed Child and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them in the Harry Potter fandom. Contains spoiled discussions of Cursed Child.
  • Episode 54: Potterlocktober (October 1, 2016) In which we celebrate magic in the Sherlock universe and Harry Potter crossovers.
  • Episode 53: Sexpisode 4 – A Stroke of Genius (September 1, 2016) In which we celebrate solo sexuality, the MorMor ship, the brilliance of Rupert Graves, fandom burlesque, and more.
  • Episode 52: 221B Pride (August 1, 2016) In which we celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride, discuss fandom as a queer-friendly space, spotlight the Pridelolly project, interview mentor Zaza D, squee about Pride (2014), talk Pride music playlists, and recap SDCC.
  • Episode 51: Three Shot Latte – The Official TPP Coffeeshop AU (July 1, 2016) Welcome to the TPP Coffeeshop! What can we get for you today? Our specials include: Coffeeshop/Fluff RT - Johnlock Edition with Alexx, Chelsea, Science, and Prettysailorsoldier talking about their favorite fluffy moments and coffeeshop AUs. Caroline interviews Michelle about Batch of Kindness, her kindess project for Cumberbatch's birthday. Top Ten Coffeeshop Moments with Alexx A rec from Chelsea about 221b_hound's pastiche, Adventure of the Colonial Boy Stats on coffeeshop AU's with Caroline & Finn A serious discussion on Privilege and Prejudice in Fandom with Shannon, earlgreytea68, Elizabeth Minkel & Finn. Order up!
  • Episode 50: The Women of Sherlock (June 1, 2016) In which we celebrate the female characters in the world of Sherlock, get drunk and talk canon, cheer for our favorite rarepairs, and talk about one of fandom's biggest elephants in the room.
  • Episode 49: The Merry Month of Mycroft (May 1, 2016) Our post-221B Con wrap up, in which we pay special attention to a minor official in the British government, celebrate shipping, squee over David Nellist, drunkenly rehash canon, and more.
  • Episode 48A: Fandom Life & Public Identity – Extended cut (April 13, 2016) The full roundtable on Fandom Life and Public Identity with consulting fans Chelsea, Leanne, Lilo, Songlin, and finnagain. We talk about why we connect or isolate our fandom lives from "real" life, how we do this online and in person, the stigma of being a fan and a fangirl, and whether we'd want to be more open if other communities were less prudish.
  • Episode 48: Ass Crack April (April 1, 2016) In which we pay tribute to crack, asses, dinosaurs, and more.
  • Episode 47: You Know My Methods (March 1, 2016) In which we discuss TJLC, chat with the FreeMartinis, and discuss Holmes canon and while drunk. Also with news, music, recs, and more.
  • Episode 46: First Time February (February 1, 2016) It's February and Sherlockian first times are on the brain.
  • Episode 45: Everything You’ve Taken (January 6, 2016) The fourth great hiatus has begun and life continues in the Sherlock Fandom. In this third anniversary episode, we bring in more fans to discuss the special in roundtables on the victorian setting, on the visual aspects of the episode, and on the results of our setlock-fueled speculations. We also report back from a scion meeting, discuss a fic bridging Sherlock past and present, and share a mix of recs Victorian and the first rush of post-TAB art and meta.
  • Episode 44a: The Abominable Watch-Along (January 2, 2016) Want some company on a re-watch? Join consulting fans Caroline, Chelsea, and Finnagain as they comment, question, cackle, and cringe their way through the Sherlock Special, sometimes all at once. Also available in video!
  • Episode 44: Ghosts (January 2, 2016) In which we take a drug-induced trip and discuss our initial reactions to the long-anticipated Sherlock Special.
  • Special Podcast Feed Announcement (December 31, 2015) We apologise for any complications our server move may cause your podcatcher app. Please unsubscribe and resubscibe to our podcast feed to benefit from all the changes we've made with the move to a new file hosting service and website. If you are planning to follow setlock and spoilers for series four, please click through to the full post to subscribe to Spoilercast, now published as it's very own podcast.
  • Episode 43B: Geek Interpreter – Sherlockians – Extended Cut (December 31, 2015) Longer cut of the Geek Interpreter segment from Episode 43, on Sherlockians and old school societies. Because sometimes, 30 minutes just isn't enough.
  • Episode 43A: Heimishtheidealhusband – UNCUT (December 4, 2015) Longer version of an interview by Alexxphoenix42 with Heimishtheidealhusband covering some of her popular Sherlock metas, and speculation about the upcoming Sherlock special.
  • Episode 43: “From the Beginning Then?” (December 1, 2015) In celebration of the upcoming special, The Abominable Bride, Three Patch Podcast takes a step back in time to explore all things Victorian!
  • Episode 42: DON’T PANIC (November 1, 2015) In which we pay a small tribute to the answer to life, the universe, and everything — and along the way, we talk scifi and space ships (of the Khan/Arthur and Kirk/Spock kind), consider worldbuilding and scifi fic recs, sort Loo and Amanda, and interview fan Mid0nz.
  • Episode 41: (Un)Deaded (October 5, 2015) In which a bunch of the TPP crew head to London to see Hamlet, while others of us look ahead to Halloween with fic recs, cracky shenanigans, and more.
  • Episode 40: Sexpisode 3(some) (September 1, 2015) It's September, which can only mean one thing - time for our annual celebration of sexuality and sex-positivity in fanworks! In our third annual Sexpisode, we celebrate threesomes, OT3s, and more.
  • Episode 39A: Hamlet Primer, Extended Cut (August 1, 2015) The Barbican Production of Hamlet is here! On August 5th, Benedict Cumberbatch is stepping onto the stage for what is sure to be an amazing production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, under the direction of Lyndsey Turner. Listen to the extended cut of the conversation between consulting fan fffinnagain and Hilary Justice, professor of English and author of The Groundling's Guide to Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • Episode 39: Back to School (August 1, 2015) It’s that time of year again, so this month we’re discussing Teenlock/Unilock, Hamlet, Viclock, and more!
  • Episode 38: The Greek Interpreted (July 1, 2015) Chock full of Greek tributes and tangents from Omegaverse to Pi(e)croft, betaing fanfic to BBC Sherlock music meta.
  • Episode 37: Sherlock’s On Holiday (June 1, 2015) Everyone deserves a break, especially hardworking detective inspectors. Grab a drink, an e-reader, maybe a detective and come on holiday with us!
  • Episode 36: For Fandom! (May 1, 2015) AKA the 221B Con roundup episode, featuring live panels, a Sorting of Benedict and Martin, a group podfic recording, more adventures on the Tube, feel-good fic recs, and more.
  • Episode 35: The Bitter Brother (April 1, 2015) In this episode, we start by tackling the topics of drugs in BBC's Sherlock, then lighten things up with discussions of crossovers, expansion pack fanworks, some "investigative" journalism, and a very special Sorting.
  • Episode 34: Swan or Sydney Opera House? (March 1, 2015) In this episode, we celebrate the world of fanworks beyond the traditional fic and art. Join us for discussions of beta reading and fandom statistics, interviews with Sodelightfully and Ariane Devere, recs, news, and more.
  • Episode 33: Love is a Chemical Defect (February 1, 2015) "Love is a Chemical Defect," says Sherlock, though we’re not sure we agree! Join us for a celebration of love in our fandom, featuring a panel on multi-shipping recorded live at Sherlock Seattle, a roundtable on femslash, a peek inside the passion of Setlockers, and enough sexy fic recs to thaw even Sherlock’s heart.
  • Episode 32: New Year, New Sherlock (January 6, 2015) In which we celebrate Sherlock's birthday and look forward to a new year in the Sherlock fandom.
  • Episode 31: Holmes for the Holidays (December 1, 2014) In this episode, we celebrate the Holmes family, cosplay, podfic, and sort Wiggins into a Hogwarts house.
  • Episode 30: Lustful Cock Monster (November 13, 2014) In which we discuss the press portrayal of fandom and lustful cock monsters.
  • Episode 29: The Smart One (November 1, 2014) In which we talk with the Gatiss Guild, sort Janine, revel in the Mycroft love and explore Holmescest.
  • Episode 28: Kinktober (October 1, 2014) In which we celebrate the kinkier side of fandom.
  • Episode 27: Sexpisode 2 (Come Again) (August 31, 2014) Our second annual episode celebrating sexuality in fandom.
  • Episode 26: Fanworks for Fun and Profit (August 1, 2014) In which we take a look at fanworks produced for sale, profit, and fun: from fic to crafts to commissions.
  • Episode 25: The Wall Had It Coming (July 1, 2014) In which we take a hammer to the fourth wall, interview Red Scharlach, and sort Gatiss, Moffat and Thompson into their Hogwarts Houses.
  • Episode 24: Looking for Baby Names (June 1, 2014) In which we discuss Baby Watson and some of the ways parenting is depicted in fanworks.
  • Episode 23: Murder, Mystery, Mayhem, and Mystrade (May 1, 2014) In which we continue our discussion of Mary Morstan and discuss the good ship Mystrade.
  • Episode 22: Live From 221B Con (April 14, 2014) In which we celebrate all of the fannish shenanigans that occurred at 221B Con in Atlanta, sort Mummy and Daddy Holmes, and talk about fandom as an area of academic study.
  • Episode 21: You’re Always Clever, Mary (April 1, 2014) In which we discuss the most controversial character in all of series 3: Mary Morstan. Plus a discussion with some members of the Sherlock Ravelry community and the experiences of fans who were spoiled for series 3 versus those who were unspoiled.
  • Episode 20: The Elephant in the Room (March 1, 2014) In which talk about difficult topics dividing the fandom, sort Mary Morstan, discuss the state of the Johnlock ship and rec fix-it fics.
  • Episode 19: The Game is Never Over (February 1, 2014) In which we begin analyzing ALL of series 3, find consolation in a special roundtable, talk with role-players Inspiral & Orestes, and revel in brand new series 3 inspired fanfiction.
  • Episode 18: Bow (January 13, 2014) In which we react to the end of series three in His Last Vow and prepare for the next hiatus.
  • Episode 17: Wedding (January 6, 2014) In which we celebrate Sherlock’s 37th birthday and our one year anniversary and discuss The Sign of Three.
  • Episode 16: Rat (January 2, 2014) In which we celebrate the return of Sherlock and discuss The Empty Hearse.
  • Episode 15: The Reichenbach Wrap Up (December 29, 2013) In which we explore our favorite Reichenbach theories one last time.
  • Episode 14: Many Happy Returns (December 25, 2013) In which we analyze and enthuse over the hints, humor, and hair featured in the special Minisode released on 24 December.
  • Episode 13: Live From London (December 5, 2013) In which we chase a hearse, pay a trip to Barts, and have tea at Speedy’s on location in London.
  • Episode 12: Imagine the Christmas Dinners (December 1, 2013) In which we talk with AbundantlyQueer about John Watson, interview Sherlockology about the growth of the fandom, and look ahead to series 3.
  • Episode 11: Married to My Work (November 1, 2013) In which explore asexuality in fic and fandom, experiment with questionable fire safety practices, and discuss the allure of Sherlolly, the Sherlock/Molly ship.
  • Episode 10: Fear and Stimulus (October 1, 2013) In which we harpoon a pumpkin, explore race in Sherlock, analyze Mycroft (the most terrifying man you’ll ever meet), and discuss the nuances of costuming in the show.
  • Episode 9: Come at Once (September 1, 2013) The sexpisode, in which we talk with Reapersun and KeelieThompson1, explore how to write sex, discuss what the Sherlock characters are like in bed, and learn how to make chocolate anuses.
  • Episode 8: What’s it Like in Your Funny Little Brains? (August 1, 2013) In which we analyze Molly Hooper, interview fanvidder daasgirl, and rec a whole lot of AU (alternate universe) fic.
  • Episode 7.5: Could Still Be Dangerous (July 15, 2013) In which we finish our analysis of John Watson, talk about Benedict Cumberbatch In Transition with Lynnette Porter, and share recs for John Watson is a BAMF fics.
  • Episode 7: Could Be Dangerous (July 1, 2013) In which we interview Emma Grant, learn Baritsu, discuss tips for travel to London, and begin our analysis of John Watson. Show notes, links, and more under the cut.
  • Episode 6.5: It’s All Still Fine (June 15, 2013) In which we continue with the queer roundtable discussion and explore the significance of IOU.
  • Episode 6: It’s All Fine (June 1, 2013) In which we explore the Cumberbitch Question, discuss queer issues in the show and interview Mydwynter.
  • Episode 5: I’ll Be Mother (Not the Mother’s Day Episode) (May 2, 2013) In which there is much talk of tea, Mrs. Hudson, and 221B Con.
  • Episode 4: Everyone’s an Idiot (April 1, 2013) In which we discuss Anderson & Donovan, speculate about how Sherlock survived the Reichenbach Fall, and talk with MadLori.
  • Episode 3: March Moriarty Madness (March 2, 2013) In which there is much love for our favorite consulting criminal.
  • Episode 2: Kissing is Tedious (February 1, 2013) In which we devote an entire roundtable to Johnlock, do some extreme crafting, and speculate about how Sherlock could have survived the fall.
  • Episode 1: Birthdays are Boring (January 6, 2013) Our first episode, featuring an interview with IvyBlossom, the secrets of creating mind palaces, and our first shot at sorting Sherlock into a Hogwarts house.